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Feb 4, 2008 05:06 PM

Red River Theatres/ Constantly Pizza, Concord NH

We were in the Concord area Saturday night and decided to have our favorite NH pizza at Constantly pizza. We get the chicken ceasar pizza...OMG it is the best pizza you will ever have. White ceasar/alfredoey sauce, grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, feta and mozz cheeses. Lots of garlic. The crust is the best. They have many different varieties of specialty pizzas as well as a really fresh salad/soup bar. It's a family owned pizza place with three locations, I like the downtown Concord location the best. The owner goes to Mike's pastry a couple of times a week to pick up various pastries which they sell at their location as well. They do make and sell their own cannolis...which are excellent for ones that are already filled. They are not soggy at all. Get the chocolate dipped with chips.
We parked in the garage off Storrs st and walked in thru the building near Red River Theatres. Constantly is a 1 minute walk out the front doors of the theatre. After pizza, we caught the movie Atonement. We fell in love with this theatre. If you haven't yet experienced it ... IT IS A MUST! They show independent films. They serve beer, wine, sandwiches, pastries all from local vendors in the city. The best is the popcorn with real butter. All of it is priced unbelievably inexpensive for such great snacks. Check out their website http://www.redrivertheatres.org/ What a great date night!!! Pizza and an independent film! Or maybe try out the new granite restaurant!

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  1. Very kewl, thanks. I didn't know they opened a new theatre in town. I lived in Concord years ago and loved Constantly Pizza back then. I'll have to give that theatre a try - it's a good midway point to meet family members from the lakes region. Loved Granite Rest. - did you see me review?

    1. I definitely recommend the new Red River Theater- and love that they feature baked goods from different local places each month.

      Although, if I were doing pizza and a movie, I would probably go to Vinnie's down the street instead... mmmm......

      The back side of the theater is attached to the new multi-level parking complex- free after 5 PM, I believe. You could park, walk easily to Hermano's, Don Giovanni's, or, of course, pizza, then hit the movies- definitely a great night out!

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        ohhhh, I forgot about Vinnie's - we got most of our pizzas there.

      2. I will have to give Vinnie's a try..people I work with Love it !
        Lexpatti~ I did see your review of the granite restaurant..very impressive! We are going there in the next few weeks.
        Highly recommend the Red River Theatre..It's just a great nite out with the girls, or hubby. And the parking was free. We drove right up to the second level and walked right into the theater from there to get our tickets. We then walked out to Main st for the pizza, but there are several great places in the area to eat withing walking distance. Friends freqent 55 degress some, and butter's has great wine and cheese.

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          See if you can get our waiter - just loved the hospitality he put out. very prof. but friendly and sincere. Have a blast, I can't wait to go again.