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Feb 4, 2008 04:11 PM

BYOs on UES?

Does anyone know of any good BYO restaurants on the Upper East?

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  1. Square Meal is excellent and still BYOB - and therefore a BYOB where I don't feel embarrassed to bring a $15 - $20 bottle of wine:

    Last time I was at Poke - which was probably last summer - it was BYOB.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Poke is still BYOB - and pretty good, too. There's always a wait on Fri and Sat nights after 7pm or so, so I always try to beat the rush. York Wine and Spirits (on 85th and 1st) has a decent Sake selection, so we always pick up a bottle before heading over for some grub.

      1. re: rachelmle

        POKE is the best BYOB/sushi restaurant on the UES

    2. there is an italian restaurant called grotta del mare on 77th & 2nd that is byob. i went once with a large group which wasn't great bc the place is small. it was ok but for byob it is probalby worth it.

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        It has a 10 or 15$ corkage fee now. I actually like the place- most of the pastas are fresh and the food is quite tasty. It used to have no corkage fee....i liked that better

      2. Ravagh- turkish place on 68th and 1st is byo still i think...

        any others to add??? A couple of us are lookig for a BYOB in the hood for tomorrow night....