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Feb 4, 2008 03:50 PM

Splitting Appetizers/Entrees in a "nice" restaurant?


Maybe it's just me, but my husband and I never share appetizers or entrees at "nicer" restaurants. By sharing I mean ordering 1 appetizer/entree for the two of us. It just doesn't seem right for some reason. If we go to a nice restaurant, like Ruth's Chris, or a nice local restaurant, we each order our own appetizer and our own entree. But I know some people here mention they order one app or one entree and share between two people. Am I being weird about this? I'm curious to see how others feel about this. (note: I'm not talking about ordering 2 items and splitting them between two people, but ordering 1 item and splitting it between 2 people).

  1. Done that. 2 appetizers, but sharing one entree. Some places, even the 'nicer' ones, just serve large portions. And we often share one dessert, especially if each of us had an appetizer & entree.

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      We often do 1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert and nicer restaurants. 2 apps seems like too much food with 2 entrees. We've done 2 apps, 1 entree, 1 dessert before also.

    2. We often just get one app and share, then order our own entrees, trying the other's of course. An app and an entree is usually too much food.

      1. My husband and I do this most of the time. As others have stated, 2 apps and 2 entrees is usually too much food.

        1. We often split one app and one entree, then usually each get a dessert. With these smaller portions, we usually can get through a full bottle of wine in addition to our cocktail, which keeps the check amount in the comfort range for the restaurant.

          You shouldn't go by whether the restaurant is fancy - most are happy to oblige. However, the higher priced places generally have comparatively smaller portions, so that should be taken into account when deciding how many courses you want to split.

          1. One doesn't have to be half of a couple to share food - I love food, and nice restaurants, but my appetite just isn't that big. So I'm always happy to have a dining companion who's willing to split, especially at some place like a steakhouse - if I can find someone to split a steak with me, and then we each order appetizers, plus sides and desserts for the table to share, and of course plenty of wine and/or cocktails, it's all good. Like HSBSteveM, I do have a "comfort range" with respect to the total check amount, so I am conscious about how much we're spending over all and not feeling like the waiter may be getting short-changed on the tip because the bill is unusually small, especially if it's a busy night at a popular restaurant.