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Cotechino sausage

Does anyone know of a local (Bay Area) source for cotechino sausage?

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  1. AG Ferrari lists it on their website


    But you might want to call the store to make sure they have it in stock.

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    1. re: hohokam

      I bought mine at Molinari's North Beach. The names the same but
      are they separate?

      1. re: wolfe

        I bought one last week at Cafe Rouge. It was full of pistachios and was just wonderful! (is that traditional?!)
        I don't imagine they have them on a regular basis, however.

        1. re: Oakland Barb

          Not at all, Cotechino is traditionally just pork meat, skin, fat, salt, and spices. Maybe somebody accidentally sold you a mortadella?

          It's traditionally served at New Year's Eve and is often easier to find at the end of December than other times.

        2. re: wolfe

          Sorry, I don't follow. What are you asking about?

          1. re: hohokam

            Whether the deli and the sausage factory are have the same owner not just the same name.

            1. re: wolfe

              Ah. Got it.

              Hmm...I don't know, but I get the feeling they are separate. Maybe someone else here knows?

              1. re: wolfe

                As I understand it, the P. G. Molinari sausage factory was at 373 Columbus from 1906 to 1962. When they moved, Albert Mastrelli bought the place and called it Molinari Delicatessen. It's currently owned by his grandson Joe Mastrelli.

        3. I've gotten cotechino at Lucca Ravioli in the mission, but I usually only have it on New Year's so I couldn't say if they have it the rest of the time or not.

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          1. re: farmersdaughter

            It was not mortadella- definitely what they were selling as Cotechino!
            I was surprised by the nuts. I had asked the ingredients when I purchased it and they weren't mentioned. Could someone have just been "creative"? It certainly was good!! It was a cooked sausage and I prepared it by poaching, then slicing and frying after dusting with parmesan, a la Batalli.
            I, too, had it on New Years at Pizzaiolo.

            1. re: Oakland Barb

              These are all great suggestions. To update my search, I've contacted Fatted Calf to see if they're making any but havent heard yet. I also am going to contact Bovolo in Healdsburg. I heard John Stewart made it around New Years. Regarding the pistachios, in Chez Panisse Cooking by Paul Bertolli, he has a recipe that includes pistachios...maybe they're using his recipe at Cafe Rouge.

              1. re: lisacooks

                Cotechino does seem like a natural for FC. Please let us know what you find out.

                1. re: hohokam

                  Will do, and just so you know, I'm going to use it a Bollito Misto dinner party in a couple of weeks.

              2. re: Oakland Barb

                Definitely some creative use of the name there. Cotechino is traditionally raw when you buy it and you simmer it for a long time.

                Searching my email, Fatted Calf has not offered cotechino in its weekly newsletter in the past two years.

                You can substitute zampone, which is basically the same thing only stuffed in a pig's trotter (with hoof) instead of a casing. But that's even harder to find.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Definitely true. However, the cotechino that I have found available here is not raw, at least it has not been when I have bought it, so the traditional two hour simmering isn't necessary. I just poach it for a short time to warm it through. Fatted Calf definitely has not offered cotechino in the past but that doesn't mean you can't ask. Now that they have expanded their operation and moved to Napa, I know they are expanding their product line as well.

                  1. re: farmersdaughter

                    Here's their website which lists what is available at the market each week

                    1. re: farmersdaughter

                      As it turns out, they have offered it in the past, but not since well before I became a regular customer of theirs.


                      So, maybe there is hope. :-)

                      1. re: hohokam

                        Late March and early April of 2005, it was offered.

                        1. re: wally

                          I think I had some from FC over this past summer. Regardless, there is a bit on the current Oliveto Whole Hog menu. Only through the 8th.

              3. Sorrento Delicatessen in the Excelsior district of SF carries Molinari Cotechino sausage. It's usually served with lentils around the New Year, but I've seen it there at other times of year.

                Sorrento Delicatessen
                4763 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

                1. Fresh From chef Franco Dunn, at the Healdsburg Farmers market some saturdays, or via Diavola Pizzeria/Salumeria, Geyserville, CA. www.diavolapizzeria.com

                  1. Fatted Calf had it today at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.

                    1. tergeste57 Dec.30,2008
                      If you want to buy a cotechino go to Gene's Fine Food, butcher's counter, at 2803 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton, CA 94588
                      tel. # (925) 846-8220
                      They ordered one for me from Molinari in San Francisco, and I know they have at least a couple more...Ask for Elder.
                      Enjoy and have a Happy New Year, Giovanna
                      P.S. Don't forget the lentils!

                      1. II realize this an old post, but just came across it...looking for a ravioli recipe that contains either cotechino or mortadella in a spinach or chard filling.
                        BUT, pistachios are in gallentina and is similar to mortadella(minus pistachios)
                        Molinari makes all three, and they all are very good.
                        Molinari's on Columbus diffintely have them and Andronico's, or any quality Italian grocery or deli.

                        1. I just purchased a Molinari Coteghino* sausage at Genova Deli 51st/Telegraph in Oakland. I've not cooked it yet but Marcella has very specific prep and cooking instructions in "Essentials". Her lentil recipe doesn't wow me but there is another (google it) that looks a little more tasty. Typically they are cooked separately and served together. Marcella will tell you all about it.

                          * Their spelling, not mine. Marcella says Cotechino

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                          1. re: michellestein

                            I usually cook the cotechino, use the broth to cook the lentils, slice the sausage into it, and then reheat both around 11pm on 12/31.

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                              real Gs move in silence like lasagna and paradigm.
                              Lil Wayne and Trudeau

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                                Yes, The broth for the lentils is what Marcella says to do. Great plan for New Years, thanks Robert. Add Bruno Magli to your list wolfe...

                              2. I spotted it at Little City Market in August.

                                1. It is now on Fatted Calf's list for Saturday.

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                                    Don't know if this has been mentioned but The Local Butcher Shop on Cedar in Berkeley sells it. Haven't tried it yet.