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Oct 22, 2001 12:29 PM

Finally a decentm uncrowded Westside weekend breakfast spot

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We went back after about a year to Jack Spratts Grill on Pico, just east of Overland (south side of the street). We got there at 10am on Sunday (they open at 9:30 on weekends for brunch), and we were one of two couples there.

Their brunch menu is huge. My husband had french toast with apples and pecans and I had a egg scramble with artichoke hearts, red peppers and goat cheese, served with your choice of potatos, air baked fries, or fruit and toast. The portions are generous, the service friendly, the food good and best of all, not crowded. By the time we left at 11, the place was pretty full. I presume they get a lot of overflow when people get annoyed at having to wait for John O'Groats.

We were so excited that the place was empty (and 5 minutes from our place) and there were so many things on the menu we wanted to try.

Jack Sprat's Grille
10668 W. Pico Blvd., West Los Angeles

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  1. Thanks for the update on Jack Sprat's Muhlyssa. I had gone there years ago and left feeling like I had just brushed my teeth. That's how I describe places that serve a lot of low-fat fare like A Votre Sante (the Venice one is gone, is the Brentwood one still there?) that serve bland, dry food. I want some "mouth-happy" when I go to breakfast - a little bit of grease, a little bit of salt. Did this do that for you?

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      I'm diabetic with high BP and a history of family heart problems, so I am happy to have a place that specializes in lower-fat cuisine.

      They did have bacon and other fatty things on the menu and you don't have to get the egg dishes with egg whites only (I did).

      But I know what you mean!

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        Richard Gould-Saltman

        Gotta join in your view of Votra Sante; my wife, on several of her various diets, has insisted that I eat lunch with her at the La Brea branch near our office, until I started referring to it as "the place where they put lots of healthy ingredients in the food, to take the place of the flavor they've extracted...."


      2. Ate lunch there not too long ago, and thought the food was only fair. Not memorable enough to go back. Speaking of westside breakfast places -- I've now had two separate recommendations for Bread and Porridge on Wilshire in Santa Monica(somewhere around 28th?).

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        1. re: Sandra W.

          Yes. Bread and Porridge has good breakfasts. A nice selection of omlettes, very good oatmeal (hence the name) and thick and crispy bacon strips.

          Oh, and order some coffee. It's good and they serve it in a french press.

          It does, however, tend to get busy on the weekends.

          Bread and Porridge: 2315 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica.

          Also, for Westside breakfast that's good and rarely sports a line, try the Lazy Daisy. It's on the corner of 23rd and Pico (a block west of Cloverfield). They have mostly patio seating making it a great place on a nice morning. The scrambles are especially good and the soups (if you're more into lunch) are also well made. And, the best part if you're a dog person, they allow your well-behaved pooch to join you on the patio!

          Lazy Daisy: 2300 Pico, Santa Monica.