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Feb 4, 2008 02:03 PM

Best Coffee in Long Beach

I've found the best little coffee chain ever... its called It's A Grind. Their coffee and pastries are amazing. Their places are very comfortable and the service is also great. Free WiFi too. Beats Starbucks at their own game.

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  1. Wile I will agree that I.A.G. is better than Star$, it can be iffy at times, depends on the store and who is working when you order your coffee.

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      I completely concur with ozbuc. I was a long-time customer of IAG but the increase of bad experiences over the past few years has led me to avoid them altogether. Mainly because of staffing/service--getting the order wrong, gossiping with each other and taking breaks when the line was practically out the door, very rude attitudes, unhelpful, etc. The last straw was when they wouldn't honor a coupon I had received as a gift; frankly, I would've paid for the coffee anyway, but the cashier's rudness put me off forever. I even wrote a strongly worded letter to their main headquarters about my bad experiences there, but never got any kind of response. So they are no longer my coffee of choice.

      Try Peets instead.

    2. I thought you were going to say Peet's or Pollys.

      1. Try Javatini, on Main & Central in Old Town Seal Beach. They'll even custom roast a pound for you - your choice of bean, your choice of roast. Pair that with a treat from Sweet Jill's across the street, or after dinner at Beachwood BBQ, also across the street, and you'll be a very happy chowhound.

        1. And now with around 100 units located from California to Texas to Florida to opening soon in Pennsylvania, it won't be any time before they end up being like the 'bux, with lack of quality control and staffing issues just like everyone else.
          They are opening in another month or two in Studio City on busy Laurel Canyon at Ventura :Place.
          They surely blanket Long Beach, though, as if to say we are the only cup of coffee available!

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            Well this company did start in Long Beach and is one of the fastest growing franchises right now. It's been awhile since I have had their coffee, but I really like the pics of the customer's dogs and everyone that I encounter (employees) are nice.

          2. The Long Beach locations are best because they get their sweets from Sweet Jill's. My favorite cup of coffee (at the Signal Hill branch next to Costco) before LB Antique Market.