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Feb 4, 2008 01:48 PM


My husband and I will be travelling to Paris for five days in March. A client of mine recommended L'Ambroisie and my search of the Board for postings on this restaurant indicates that it is pretty much universally highly recommended.

I tried to look on their website to get an idea of cost but there is no information on the site at all. In fact, you can't even enter the site. Can anyone who has been there give me an idea on the cost for two for dinner (appetizer, main course and dessert)? Also, is it likely that we would be able to get a reservation if we phone right away for an evening March 6-11th??

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  1. This is the kind of place where the women get menus with no prices. I went there the night I got engaged, and it was truly a once in a lifetime meal. The appetizers alone ran from 80-130 euros, and we drank quite a bit, but I think you can expect to spend between $600-$800 for the two of you. Enjoy!

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      1. I think Souphie has a detailed review of L'Ambroisie somewhere in this forum. You might want to search it. He has the BEST reviews.... and is always as objective as possible.

        1. My advise is not to jump into choosing a 3 star restaurant simply because someone recommended it. Every Michelin 3 star restaurant has it's own personality and something special to offer. Since the monetary outlay is so great, it is very important to pick one that fits one's dining preference and expectation. L'Ambroisie is probably the most traditional of the 3 star restaurants in Paris. For some, me included, it serves the best food in Paris but for others, it is old-fashioned and outdated. The cooking reflects the personality of chef Pacaud. He sources the best ingredients and will not use anything not up to his standard. Each dish is well thought out and perfected. There is no tasting menu but the staff can compose a menu of half portions. My last meal there two years ago was about 550E for two (each person getting an entree, half fish course, half meat course, 2 half desserts) before wine, drinks, coffee or water. From my point of view, I usually do not recommend L'Ambroisie as someone's first experience with a 3 star restaurant. Search the board and there are postings for just about all the top restaurants in Paris: Guy Savoy, Pierre Gagnaire, Taillevent, Le Meurice, Les Ambassadeurs, L'Arpege, L'Astrance, Le Grand Vefour, Alain Ducasse, Ledoyen. I would do some research on these restaurants and see which one fits your taste in fine dining.
          As for getting a reservation, L'Ambroisie is probably the most difficult to obtain for dinner. Lunch should be no problem. Doesn't hurt to try if you decide on it. Only way is to telephone and someone will speak English.

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            I highly recommend L'Ambroisie.
            I wrote a detailed review here in October.
            This meal was as close to perfection as I will ever get.
            It is traditional, yes, but the taste buds explode.
            I have been back for lunch on a stopover to Brussels, and it was every bit as good.
            If you can't get dinner reservations, you might consider lunch, as I did not detect any difference in service or the menu.
            With the falling dollar, you might think more $800. than $600.
            Our meal (same trip) at Rostang was more costly than L"Ambroisie, and for us, far less enjoyable.

          2. Well, they said it all. Just to specify that you have to count between 300 and 450 eur per person at l'Ambroisie, more if you are into great wines. Those days the most expensive menus on the item are truffles based: roasted poularde (chicken) with truffles 260eur (but serves two), and feuilleté belle humeur (a whole truffle with a slice of foie gras in puff pastry -- a dish to end all dishes) for 230eur.

            And ChefJune, thanks for the kind words. Here are my two most recent writings about l'Ambroisie: , and

            Indeed the question is what do you expect from your evening? L'Ambroisie has orgasmic food but it is a deadly serious place.

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              I actually went here the night I had gotten engaged too (since have broken that off), but the food and the experience here is amazing. The wine is spectacular and the room is beautiful. I would highly suggest this restaurant if you want an amazing experience