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Feb 4, 2008 01:40 PM

KC - Pan Dulce at Don Miguel's

I saw a listing in Urban Times magazine for a new Mexican bakery -- Don Miguel Mexican
Bakery and Cakes at 2100 Summit. I'm always looking to build the better donut, so Mr. Heatherkay and I swung by after grabbing breakfast on the Boulevard.

I had only one-half of one pastry and I'm willing to say that it was the best pan dulce I've had here in town. It was some sort of horn (there are so many kinds of pan dulce, and I have to admit I don't know all the names) filled with strawberry. The bread was chewy and yeasty, like good sweet bread, and just a little dry, as is appropriate for a pastry for coffee. The filling was sweet with real strawberries, but not too sweet. Topped with a dusting of sugar. The whole thing was just the right amount of sweet, chewy, and dry, avoiding the common pitfalls of diabetes-inducing sweetness and mouth-parching dryness that are common in pan dulce.

They also have some excellent looking baguettes and bolillos, and all the pastries looked amazing, including some really nice empanadas, elephant ears, conchas, and tarts. On a steam tray at the side of the store, they had carnitas and barbacoa, which looked liked they might have been steaming a little too long, and tamales, which were wrapped up tight in dozen packagaes.

Definitely going back for my next donut-buying occasion.

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  1. Great report! I used to work on the BLVD and loved getting pan dulces for the kitchen staff in the mornings. That was years ago, then the couple of panaderias were gone.
    Is Don Miguel's just north of the boulevard? Is it where California Taqueria was years ago?

    Also, I haven't seen Urban Times. Is it on line or a print magazine?

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    1. re: zataar

      I don't think it was the California Taqueria location -- that's the one that was Cafe Seville and a bunch of other stuff, right? This place was a couple blocks north of the Blvd and a block or two north of Cesar Chavez, on Summit. It looks to be an old corner grocery store.

      Urban Times is a magazine printed by Christina Boveri of Boveri Realty. It's a little booster-ish (the main point of the publication is to get people excited to move into the core and to buy a loft condo), but it has had some interesting articles. And it has a "where to eat" feature that lists the restaurants in a particular neigborhood with capsule reviews. It comes out on First Friday and is available in vending boxes (for free) around the core. THe website is

      1. re: heatherkay

        The original California Taqueria was on Summit, just north of Southwest Blvd. It was a small place, basically a take out place. It was located a half block north of the restaurant on the corner of Southwest Blvd and Summit, La Fonda El Tapatio. (is that the name?) When California Taqueria moved to that large location that was eventially Cafe Seville, it was never the same.

    2. Sounds delicious (and a real diet killer)! I plan to run by before work (they open at 7:00 am) and grab some goodies for my co-workers on our next treat day. Thanks, heatherkay!

      1. I have a friend who comes to town often and LOVES bakeries - so, this is the new stop. We went to babycakes in the River Market last time and Bell St. Mamas (new location for cake). Look forward to a change of pace...