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Feb 4, 2008 01:29 PM

Big B Barbecue, Evansville, IN--how do I get some?

Hi Indiana Hounds!

When I was a kid, my aunt used to bring back jars of Big B Barbecue from Evansville, near her home town. That was some tasty barbecue.

I have not been able to find a website for them. Do you know how I can order some?

DC Deb

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  1. I used to enjoy that when I was a kid. I havent lived in evansville for about 10yrs. I do recall you could buy it at Wessleman's supermarket. If they are still in business give them a call. You could also try Schnuck's, its a huge grocery store so it may take a couple calls before anyone can help you.

    1. Big B Barbecue
      2727 N Kentucky Ave
      Evansville, IN 47711

      1. yup, i still live in evansville, unfortunately, and you can get big-b from schnucks and wesselmans, beuhlers also sells it, i believe you can contact big-b with the information im going to list below, and they will gladly help you order some big-b, pretty good stuff, even tho its from the south side of evansville, which has pretty much turned into nothing but the ghetto, still GREAT bbq if you ask me, here is the info tho.... (if that doesnt work, contact me cjakob at, and i will help in any way to get you in touch with some big b =)
        Big B Barbecue
        2727 North Kentucky Avenue
        Evansville, IN 47711
        Phone: (812) 425-5235

        1. I would love to order Big B sauce jars from you- I loved the taste when my former mother in law brought them from her homeland ( Evanville, Indiana) often.

          Can I order from you and have them shipped here to Texas?

          Rae A

          1. Is there any store in Indianapolis or general area that sells
            Big B barbeque?

            Someone in Whiteland In use to sell it but don't know if they still do.
            please reply