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Feb 4, 2008 12:59 PM

One night business trip to PGH - help with dinner!

I'll be in town tomorrow night by my lonesome, and would love a great dinner rec. Since i'm dining alone, i prefer a place with a bar that i can order the full menu at, just not the biggest fan of the table for one.

I'm staying at the Renaissance near the stadium, so something walkable would be great. But if there is just something else i have to drive to, i'm not opposed. Last time i was in town i at right next door at Six Penn, but would like something different. Any cuisine is fine, well maybe just not asian. Budget of $100, so pretty open to anything really.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've heard Nine on Nine is very good, though I've never personally been there myself, others on here have. Eleven in the Strip District is really good, though I do believe they have a separate bar menu. I haven't been to The Original Fish Market downtown for a few years but that should also work for you though I hesitate to recommend it as I haven't heard much about it lately.

    1. If you're at the bar, I think Sonoma Grill on Penn Avenue is a good choice. Just a nice stroll from the hotel. Nine on Nine is also on Penn Avenue but I'm not sure how comfortable their small, off-to-the-side bar would be for dinner. You could probably just walk up and take a look at both bars and take your pick. They're only about a block apart. I can't imagine a lot of reservations at the bar on a Tuesday night in Pittsburgh.

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        Thanks so much for the recommendations, I think i'll do exactly what you suggest and walk by both Nine on Nine and Sonoma Grill and see which one is more comfortable.

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          Might be too late with this post, but I would go to Eleven, Nine on Nine, or Six Penn.. but think you said you had already gone to Six Penn. Eleven definitely serves full menu at the bar in addition to a Tavern menu. I am not sure if Nine on Nine serves their full menu at the bar anymore but the food has always been excellent there. Personally I would stay away from Sonoma. Although the bar is spacious and comfortable and have a great by the glass wine list, the food is fair at best. I keep going back every couple of months hoping the menu will change, but I don't think it really has in 3 years. Maybe some minor things have changed, but it is very tired!

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            I really appreciate all of the advice i got on this one. I'm please to announce that i just got back from dinner at...Nine on Nine. The menu was just the most attractive to me, and it wasn't too bad that the bar was seperate from the main dining room. Granted, I was the only person at the bar, it was still a great meal.

            I started off with the risotto with wild mushrooms and shaved parmesan, and in a word, it was amazing. Moved on to the squash soup with roasted squab next, also great. For the finale i decided on the chilean sea bass on the recommendation of the bartender, and mainly because i was in the mood for short ribs (which come with it) but didnt want to fully commit to red meat. Anyway, of the three i think this was the least impressive, the short ribs over powered the fish, which was too bland for my tastes.

            Overall though, it was a great meal and i really appreciate all of the suggestions. Thanks!

            1. re: MinhLikesFood

              I thought the bar experience would be completely different at these two places. I'm glad you found one you liked. Hope you enjoyed Pittsburgh.

      2. Café Zao at 649 Penn Avenue is close to your hotel. The cuisine is called "Portuguese cross-cultural." It's an attractive setting with a comfortable bar where you wouldn't feel out of place sitting and eating dinner.