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Feb 4, 2008 12:41 PM

French Quarter restaurant suggestions?

I"ve been to NOLA several times and love it dearly. I"m going back the first week of March 08 for a trade show.

Can I get some suggestions from the locals for good restaurants in the Quarter?
Perhaps some that aren't so well known or touristy??
Price - mid-range.

We'll be going out to dinner every night for several days and so have the opportunity to try different places. Thanks for your help!

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  1. EAT on the corner of Dumaine and Dauphine. It's not touristy by any standards- the service is friendly and the food is fresh and reasonably priced (dinner entrees run $10-$17). They don't serve alcohol so bring your own.

    Coop's Place (1000 block of Decatuer). Let's face it it's a dump of a bar with great food. You don't have to worry about too many tourists stumbling in.

    Adolfo's - It's right out of the quarter on the 600 block of Frenchman. Prices are a tad higher but they have great creole inspired italian.

    1. Given the number of meals involved, I highly recommend not limiting yourself to the French Quarter. Walking to the Warehouse District, or being willing to spend $15 on a cab ride uptown, opens up lots of great, non-touristy places. One of my top choices for mid-range, lesser-known (but not unknown) by tourist places is Dick & Jenny's, a 15-minute cab ride from the Quarter (also doable by taking the St. Charles streetcar followed by a 10-minute walk).

      1. Blake is right - try to venture out. Check out Praline Connection in the Fauburg Marigny section of town. Great food with great prices. Also, Mandina's on Canal street (cash only) is wonderful. You would probably need a taxi for both. Clancy's in the uptown area (a bit $$$), but worth in. Blake also recommended Dick and Jenny's. Outstanding, but I would not suggest walking from the Streetcar to the restaurante. Some of the neighborhoods are a bit unsafe. Enjoy your time here. I've lived here all my life and wouldn't live anywhere else - Katrina couldn't even make me move.

        1. Salt-n-pepper is a dump of a joint that serves surprisingly good indian dishes. And it's cheap. There's also supposed to be a place that has authentic philly cheese steaks on Bourbon - the name escapes me, maybe Chubby's? - if you want to do cheese steaks in nola. El Gato Negro supposedly has great mexican. Sukho Thai has good thai food, and it's in the Marigny.

          If you want to spend a little money and get some new orleans type grub, there's Stella, GW Fins, Irene's, Galatoire's, Brennan's, K-Pauls, etc.

          I'm in agreement with getting out of the quarter. In my opinion, there aren't a lot of good places in the F.Q., - especially inexpensive to mid priced restaurants that serve louisiana food.