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Feb 4, 2008 12:33 PM

weekend brunch around yonge/finch?

I am vising friend that lives at yonge/finch, does anyone recommend a nice brunch spot? looking for non-greasy eggs, fresh o.j, good coffee, taking subway so need somewhere not too far.

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  1. It would normally not be my first choice, but there isn't a lot of good options in that area (unless you are looking for Korean), so I would go a bit south to Milestone's in Empress because it is decent and reliable and close to the North York subway stop.

    1. I'd try the hotel restaurant at Novotel.

      1. if u don't mind traveling a bit further and paying for a bit more, u can check out Oliver & Bonacini Cafe @ Bayview Village (Bayview and sheppard).

        Il Fornello is inside the mall as well.