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Feb 4, 2008 12:32 PM

Best Thai food in Orlando

Anyone have some rec's?

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  1. My favorite is Thai Singha, a little storefront in Waterford Lakes, right off Alafaya Drive (SR 434) and around the corner from Best Buy. Their drunken noodles are the best I've ever had.

    1. I vote for Royal Thai on Colonial (near Bumby). I'm pretty much addicted to their Pad See Ew. I've heard great things about Sea Thai up the road but haven't been there yet!

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        I also vote for Royal Thai - I've never tried other Thai restaurants in the area, but it seems that whenever I'm in Orlando, I always make a visit to this place once!

        Their chicken satay is delicious with the peanut sauce, and their chicken panang curry is awesome!

        Don't forget to order the Thai iced tea!

      2. My money's on SEA Thai on Colonial. I think the food just tastes fresher than at Royal Thai. I love good Thai food, and SEA Thai is the best I've had in Orlando. Most of the places I've been to in Orlando are heavy-handed with their flavors and tend to drown things in brown sauce. SEA Thai keeps the right balance of hot, sweet, sour, and salty in their food.

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          Thanks! Read about Sea Thai online too. Think I'll have to make a trip over there.

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            Alright, I change my vote! Went to Sea Thai last week and had a fantastic meal! Very light and fresh with a great atmosphere. I had the Herb Tea Chicken, which was kinda like a slightly charred BBQ chicken. They also have a great variety of veg-friendly dishes. I guess the big test will be next time I go back and get my Pad See Ew!!
            Pictures at:

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              katygirl and you other Thai food aficionados, a question for you. My girlfriend's favorite dish at Thai Singha is called "Late Night Noodles," and it has those broad flat noodles with a brown sauce that almost certainly has soy sauce, but also possibly peanuts and something that makes it a bit sweet. It definitely isn't pad thai, and it isn't pad kee mao (drunken noodles), because that's my favorite and it is very spicy. I've never found any information from online searches for "late night noodles," so I was wondering if you recognized it, or if it's a common with a more common name used elsewhere.

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                Actually sounds like my standby-Pad See Ew which is Flat noodles with a sweet soy/brown sauce usually served with broccoli and a protein. No peanuts though. Could just be a specialty? I'd ask next time you're there....Where is Thai Singha?

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                  It's a tiny storefront in Waterford Lakes, right around the corner from Best Buy. We both love it, even though it isn't one of the more popular Thai destinations on Chowhound.

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                  Wow, that looks fantastic! I will definitely have to make my way over there... Thanks for the rec!

            2. Tang's over at the Markeplace shopping center on Dr. Phillips is absolutely excellent (expensive for Thai) for dinner. Disappointing for lunch. T

              1. Also try Tasty Thai on Curry Ford (great pad thai and curries) and Napasorn on Pine Street downtown (try the panang fish, I had it for lunch today, so good!).

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                  That's funny. I had panang fish at Napasorn today as well. Its good stuff, but I'd still say SEA thai is the best