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Feb 4, 2008 12:13 PM

Lunch near Hyatt Regency, Cambridge

Are there any chowish places for lunch close to the Hyatt Regency on Memorial Drive in Cambridge? I am going to be there for a two day conference in April. From what I know about the location I am guessing that there is not much in the immediate area and I don't have much time to travel. I am open to take out, casual or more upscale, as long as the food is good. Any ideas or should I just book the lunch at the conference? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Anna's Taqueria has amazing burritos. There's a location on the MIT campus in their student center, about a mile from the Hyatt. You'll be in a crowd of student, but hey, I think the food is worth it.

    1. Miracle of Science is also about a mile away -- cute place, loud, great burgers. The immediate environs of the Hyatt has nothing.

      Miracle of Science Bar + Grill
      321 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

      1. The Brown Sugar Cafe on Commonwealth Ave. delivers to Cambridgeport. It's my favorite thai food in Boston and its very fresh tasting. They are usually a quick delivery too. They may say 45 minutes but honestly they've never taken longer than 15 minutes.

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          Note that Brown Sugar delivery is cash only.

          ' Delivery charge $2.00. Minimum order $20.00.
          Accept CASH ONLY. Delivery charge does not include a tip for the driver."

        2. That's a really difficult location. There is no place to buy lunch (besides the hotel) within half a mile. Still, I can offer one way to improve your lunch: take it to a bench along the Charles River. Enjoy the sun and warmth, if at all possible.

          1. Thank you for your replies. Perhaps I will have a sandwich from the hotel and save my chowhounding for the evenings. thanks again.

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            1. re: tartetatin

              Well hold on, not so fast, friends don't let friends eat conference lunches. There's definitely lunch chow to be had, but two questions:

              1) How much time are you able to allocate?
              2) Would you be walking or cabbing?

              1. re: finlero

                Haha - Actually, I see that I have 90 minutes for lunch and would be open to walking or cabbing, depending on the distance. I could take 1/2 hour of the time for travelling (15 min. each way). Any ideas?

                1. re: tartetatin

                  You're an easy cab ride from Allston, across the river, where from among the ridiculous number of good small restaurants I'd recommend:

                  * S&I Thai -- if you can convince them to do "Thai style", very authentic

                  * Rangoli -- pan-regional Indian

                  * Reef Cafe -- Lebanese

                  * Aneka Rasa -- Malaysian

                  * Shanghai Gate -- Shanghainese

                  * Buk Kyung -- Korean

                  * Super 88 -- Asian supermarket whose food court has many great options (including my favorite banh mi, at Pho Viet), plus Ken's, a sit-down ramen restaurant, probably the best of its kind in town

                  * Grain and Salt -- Pakistani/Punjabi place with good Desi Chinese food

                  * Saray -- Turkish

                  You have many other options, but I can vouch for these.

                  You're also close to Central Square, Cambridge, where I'd recommend:

                  * Baraka -- tiny, open-kitchen Algerian/Tunisian place, lovely food.

                  * Mary Chung -- Taiwanese-run Sichuan/Hunan place, not too Westernized, very high quality (but closed Tuesdays)

                  * Plough and Stars -- atmospheric old Irish pub with very good lunch food cheap.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Thank you so much for all of the recommendations. I am just fine tuning my plans for my trip and wanted to clarify a few things.
                    If I take a cab across the river to Allston, will most cab drivers know where Super 88 is or do I need more specific directions (street or address please)? Also, if I get dropped at Super 88, will there be a number of these good small restaurants nearby so that I can choose?
                    Another question - I would like to go out for a nice dinner, but I may be dining on my own (which I don't mind). Could anyone recommend somewhere chowish where I would be comfortable eating alone that would be a favorite of yours (doesn't have to be high end, but I can expense the meal, so it doesn't have to be really cheap either). thanks again!

                    1. re: tartetatin

                      The Super 88 in Allston is at the corner of Commonwealth and Brighton Avenues - any cab driver should know that intersection.

                      As for dinner - are you looking for Cambridge or does location not matter? In Harvard Square I love the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square.

                      1. re: heathermb

                        I would be open to places other than Cambridge too- anywhere I could take a reasonable ($10 or so??) cab ride. The Monday Club Bar looks nice, thanks for your suggestion.

                      2. re: tartetatin

                        The Supermarket has it's own food court so you can even try several dishes if you like.

                    2. re: tartetatin

                      Well shucks, MC Slim JB beat me to it, but awesome, your timeframe is easily do-able.

                      I'd suggest something in Central Square, as you can get there by cab in under 10 minutes, and there are cab stands to get you back. Here's a recent thread:


                      To echo the thread, my recs would be Mary Chung for very good Chinese (closed on Tuesday) or Baraka Cafe for superb North African. If you go to Baraka, note that (a) service can be a little "leisurely", so make sure they know you're on a schedule, and (b) they're a cash-only establishment.

                      And as GretchenS mentioned above, Miracle of Science is a really cool little piece of Cantabridgia. I've not personally tried the burger, but it is regularly praised on the board as one of the best in the city.

                      1. re: finlero

                        Hello Boston Hounds,
                        I am firming up my plans for my trip next week - and have made some decisions based on your suggestions and my research.
                        I am arriving on Sunday late afternoon and will head out to Coolidge Corner via Brighton Ave. I want to stop at Clear Flour on my way up Harvard Ave and then have dinner at Shanghai Gate or the Tacqueria on the corner of Beacon St and Harvard Ave (can't remember the name). I am starved for Mexican where I live, so this will be a treat.
                        Monday, I will hit either Mary Chung, Miracle of Science or Plough and Stars for a cubano (if I can make it that far). That night I am searching for a place for dinner - delicious, doesn't have to be too expensive, EVOO for a chinese box, Benatti, Sage, Gaslight, or even Gran Gusto (though it seems a bit out of the way). Any ideas.
                        Tuesday, I have a number of possiblities for lunch - YoMa, S & I Thai, Rangoli, Aneka Rasa or Super 88 for banh mi (though I can get good ones here). I can't narrow it down, they all sound so good! For dinner, I am definitely going to Angela's for mole on my way to the airport.
                        Thanks to everyone for their posts - they really helped. Any thoughts?

                        1. re: tartetatin

                          For Mon. dinner, it kind of depends on what you want for food and do you want to see a certain part of Boston. Sage and Gaslight are both in the south end and there's a lot around there, so a nice stroll (altho a little slow on a Mon.). The north end of course offers a lot, Prezza is a usual suggestion. Is Rendezvous (in Central Sq. Camb) open on Mon.? That would be a good bet or Central Kitchen and Green St. within 2 blocks. Would make it easy on yourself if that's a concern. The Red Sox are away, you might think about Eastern Standard or Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq. Sounds like Italian is on your brain, I'd go for the north end or Sage or Rocca in the south end.

                          I like Aneka Rasa and they have a good lunch special but the bahnmi is obviously a great deal.