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Feb 4, 2008 12:09 PM

Main dish, maybe paella...what else?

I'm in the preliminary stages planning a dinner for 6 female friends. It's at my house so I'll be making the main dish. I'm thinking paella - I've never made it for this bunch and I do a mean one. Others will be bringing the other courses. What might I suggest to go along with it?

An appetizer, salad, side dish, dessert. Bread can be someone's contribution if they don't feel like cooking. These are not particularly adventurous cooks, so I can't get too picky. Just want to give folks direction so I don't end up with the same old same olds.

My other thought would be to make a seafood pasta instead, which allows maybe more room for accompaniments.


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  1. when I make Paella, i usually do tapas-style appetizers. One easy one is a cheese board, so you can have friends bring different Spanish cheeses. You can also do cured meats to go along with this. Chorizo in Redwine with garlica nd herbs is another easy one, and good for using the any left over chorizo from the paella recipe.

    1. A salad or side dish involving chickpeas fits with the Spanish theme.

      1. Green beans tossed with lots of flat-leaf parsley, lemon zest, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.
        Otherwise, paella is so all inclusive that I never really serve much else.

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          This, sadly, is what I have started to think. I, too, rarely make anything other than the simplest starter and a salad to go with paella. I don't think this is a good dish for a situation where everyone wants to contribute something. I'm thinking I'm better with a seafood pasta. Maybe something really luscious with shrimp and scallops...maybe even a lasagne...or not...sorry, thinking out loud here. Argh. I need to go back to the drawing board. Girlie dinners are so complicated.