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Feb 4, 2008 12:07 PM

Birthday Party for Mid-20s Vegetarians

Having difficulty getting a reservation for a party of 12 carnivores and picky vegetarian grad students. Hoping to plan a fun party with atmosphere, but grad students can always settle for low-key with the following specs: cuisine = Mexican, pizza, Italian or Thai; entrees < $15, bounded by 30s on the north, LES on the south.

I know it's a difficult task, but I'm certain CH is up to the challenge! And before anyone mentions these: we were unable to get reservations at Kuma Inn, Patsy's or Otto.

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  1. Otto might work but not sure about the reservation and if they take them. you might also want to consider indian. i cannot think of any off hand, but curry row should do the trick.

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    1. re: cdog

      They do take them and you can call specifically for larger parties.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Otto would've been perfect, but the earliest availability was 10:15. I think the bday girl would prefer to be out on the town by then.

        The crowd doesn't like Indian.

    2. how many people will be attending this party?

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      1. re: fein

        7 carnivores and 5 very vocal vegetarians. i.e. A plate of bolognese minus the meat won't cut it for this crowd.

          1. re: idia

            That would be great, but far beyond what most want to spend. The goal is Rosa Mexicano at Chipotle prices.

            1. re: JungMann

              With a caveat - you might look into Itzocan - I've never been to the LES location, but have taken a fvegetarian riend to the uptown one, and she loved it.

              Itzocan Cafe
              438 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

        1. re: Lucia

          JungMann, Tsampa is a Tibetan place in the East Village. Very affordable and a ton of great veggie options. My friend is a vegetarian and had his b-day dinner there. Cool, laid back kind of vibe there, and a table of Tibetan monks ate at the table next to us and claimed the food was pretty authentic. The size group you mentioned could be esily accomodated as well

        2. It's not exactly Mexican, but perhaps Flor's Kitchen will work for you. It has a lot of vegetarian offerings (arepas and empanadas filled with scrambled eggs, black beans, cheese and the like; tostones), is very inexpensive, and is a wonderful place to go with a group. The pitchers of sangria can get expensive, though.

          It's a small place, but I think they'd be able and willing to seat you in the back room if you call ahead and promise a good tip.

          Flor's Kitchen
          170 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014

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          1. re: cimui

            We've had a couple b-day parties at Flor's Kitchen, and it worked really well. You can share pitchers of sangria, and they are perfectly fine with people just ordering an arepa if that's all they want (they're pretty filling, and around or under $5). Service can be on the slow side, but everything is really delicious and it's a very nice space.

          2. Okay, it is not the finest gourmet food out there, but for a large, boisterous group, I enjoy El Cantinero on University Place--it is CHEAP, the margs are super strong and addictive, and the atmosphere is festive, if a bit college-kid-heavy.

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            1. re: katie570

              el cantinero is a good spot. exactly how katie described it but always a good time and decent food. although everyone says it is college kid heavy i've never witnessed the crowd but i am sure it is true at times. i would definitely bring a group who was looking for food, fun and tequila.

              1. re: fein

                We went to NYU. I think we're cantineroed out. Plus we all grew up around Mexican food so the food at Cantinero is kind of gross.