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Feb 4, 2008 12:06 PM

NYC c'hounder for dinner in Charlotte

Manhattan chowhounder in Charlotte for business looking for a top restaurant for a decadent dinner. My guidelines are simple: nothing i can easily find in new york city. So i'd like to go somewhere with excellent seafood and local flavors. So far i've heard of Carpe Diem, Upstream, Bonterra Dining & Wine, and Barrington's. I'll be dining on my own and money is not really an issue but i also don't want to be stuck somewhere stuffy. If one of these restaurant rocks let me know, but if i'm totally off target and should focus on someplace different please tell me!! Thanks!

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  1. I vote for Nobles, if you aren't concerned with budget. Excellent food, top quality, not a chain. I think the web address is if you want to see the menu.
    Or if you want some real creativity but not highly priced, I always recommend Las Ramblas (also have a website, do a web search on this one). Their focus is Spain, and tapas style food. Very good. Good atmosphere for people watching, I think.

    1. Ratcliffe on the Green. Highly regarded by our food critics and local foodies alike. Chef Mark Hibbs is known for farm to table Carolina cuisine and supports local farmers and other purveyors. Service is great too.

      Charlotte is known for "excellent seafood". If that's what you're looking for check out GW Fins uptown.

      The places you've listed are all good. I'm a big Carpe Diem fan. I like Bonterra but it doesn't blow me away. Although, there hasn't been much buzz about Upstream in quite a while. I haven't been there in ages so I can't say what it's been like lately.

      Good luck and happy eating!

      1. Charlotte has some very fine restaurants. Several have been mentioned in these posts. The honest answer however is if you are tying to find something here that you cannot find in NYC I believe you will fail. We are good, very good and getting better all the time however NYC one of the top food cities on the planet eclipses us in a culinary sense.

        1. Agreed with everything said here already, especially Godfather's comment about being able to find something you couldn't find in NYC. Ratcliffe's would come to the closest to that requirement since it's locally sourced (it's also probably my favorite restaurant in the city).

          That being said, for dining on one's own, I would actually lean slightly towards Carpe Diem because they have the most beautiful bar area and if I were eating alone, I might go there for that atmosphere. Very short cab ride from Uptown.

          1. I know it's hard to surpass or replicate NYC and that's not what I'm aiming for...i just thought it would be nice to have dinner at a good local restaurant that focuses on local ingredients and flavors. Thanks for the suggestions!!