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Feb 4, 2008 12:06 PM

Brunch in Thornhill

I am not familliar with restaurants in the Vaughan/Thornhill area and am looking for suggestions for a nice Sunday brunch spot, not a greasy spoon, for a group of girlfriends. Anything between Steeles and Hwy 7, from Bathurst to Bayview.

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  1. The only place I like to go for brunch in Thornhill is Centre Street Deli. It's not a relaxing environment though and not sure if it's a good place for a group of girlfriends who are not used to the Jewish deli on a Sunday experience.
    You might be better off hitting a little pub in Unionville or something.
    Cora's is in Vaughan, but I don't like it.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful. If I don't go to Centre Street, and I feel like a good brunch, I go south. For example, if you were ever in the Eglinton and Laird area, Marvelous Edibles would be a great option.

    1. One of the most popular restaurants in the area is a chain called the Pickle Barrel. Although it started as a deli, it offers about 200 dishes on the menu with only a small portion of deli. It's a great place for brunch. There are 2 locations in the area.
      Promenade Mall at Bathurst and Centre
      Centrepoint Mall at Steeles and Yonge

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      1. re: 905home

        The Pickle Barrel is not good anymore at all. Popular? Yes, it fills a certain niche. Good? Not really.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Pickel Barrel is not BAD. It just is what it is. It's perfectly fine (if potentially hectic) if you're going for waffles and eggs and that kind of stuff. And there are two of them in the boundaries described (Yonge/Steeles, and Promenade).

          Though it's one block west of Bathurst (on Steeles), I'd reccomend Kiva's. Not as kitchy or hectic as PB - more old school with great bagels and blitntzes and eggs and all that kind of stuff.

          That's on the south side of Steeles. There's a place on the north side called Bagel Haven which looks not bad but I haven't eaten there and can't vouch for it.

          Cora's is at Dufferin/Steeles if you're up for something more distant and more elaborate.

          Too bad you can't wait a few months as both Bagel World and a new What a Bagel eatery are opening within blocks of each other.

          1. re: fleisch

            I disagree. If I am going for a quick bite with my mom and it's convenient, I might go to PB, but I would never go out of my way for it. There was a time it was better, but it has gone downhill over the years and when I do go I stick to the salads. The eggs I've eaten there are rubbery. The Promenade and Centrepoint PBs were never as good as the Leslie location, even when they were better.
            And for a lunch with the girls, I would not want to go to PB, Kiva's or the like. Don't like Cora's either. Then again, I like Bagel World's bagels, but I wouldn't want to go and sit and eat there for a girls' brunch.
            The OP said she's not looking for a greasy spoon. I would say that Kiva's is a Jewish deli version of a greasy spoon.
            Thornhill just doesn't have ViVetha, Marvelous Edibles, Bonjour Brioche....

            1. re: pescatarian

              Fair enough...Pescatrian is right there's nothing along those lines. Cora's is probably the closest. (The new What a Bagel is looking like it will be surprisingly nice - they've even applied for LLBO)

              You know who has a high-endd brunch, actually? Terra.
              It might be too far the other way from the other places that have been mentioned but it's certainly nice. It's $35 per person...


              Demetre's (Yonge/16) is more of a dessert place but I believe they have some kind of brunch stuff as well (they don't have their menu online). 905-707-3349

              1. re: fleisch

                Good idea! I actually had lunch at Demetre's this weekend -- they have omlettes and salads and sandwiches on the menu. It was fine, not great, but could do.

            2. re: fleisch

              I would say Kiva's is more hectic than PB if only because the space is smaller and more cramped and there are tons of people. Not to mention parking in that lot is a nightmare.

              Doesn't sound like the kind of atmosphere you're looking for.

              It's delicious though :)

              Kiva's Bagel Bakery & Restaurant
              1027 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, ON M2R2S9, CA

        2. I am not really looking for a noisy Pickle Barrel or bagel place suggestion - Cora's sounds more like what I am after. Thanks

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          1. re: kasey j miller

            Cora's is almost worse than PB in terms of noise etc. Lineups are crazy on the weekend. Based on what you've said, I really don't think that it's what you're after. I'd go with Oliver and Bonacini in Bayview Village (Bayview + Shep.) even though it isn't in your specified area.

            1. re: caddie

              I actually really like the Oliver & Bonacini suggestion, I hope my friends dont mind coming that far south.

              1. re: kasey j miller

                Tell them about all the great SHOPPING they can do before and after your brunch -

                I second Oliver & Bonacini, great place for brunch. I don't think they take reservations so you might find yourself wandering around the shops while you wait for a table.

                Oliver & Bonacini
                2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M2K 1E6, CA

          2. I think that my friend took me to Mi Va Me?

            Perhaps someone can correct me if the name of the spot is incorrect.

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              1. re: furhead

                It's Mediterranean with healthy choices such as grilled fish and other Israeli style entrees.

                I don't know if it is certfied kosher. If it is, confirm the times before going on the weekend.

                1. re: Zengarden

                  It's not kosher. There are at least a half dozen Mediterranean grills in the area now (none kosher, as far as I know, even though most are Israeli or Russian). But I don't know that it would be a good brunch place (if it's even open).

                  1. re: fleisch

                    Okay, that's good to know.

                    I liked it as a brunch place. I can't do pancakes and bacon anymore.

              2. re: Zengarden

                adding link

                Me VA Me
                330 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill, ON L4J6W9, CA

              3. Although not exactly in your boundaries, there is a Sunset Grill at 3255 Rutherford Road in Vaughan. They serve breakfast all day.