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Feb 4, 2008 11:22 AM

dim sum wrappers (store bought)

I made my own Sui Mai (pork dumplings) - Used the won ton wrappers

Wasn't until I finished steaming them - Noticed that they are not the right ones to use

What are the wrappers called for Sui Mai - thin and have a yellow color

I would like to make Ha Gau (shrimp dumplings) - What is the name of the thin white wrappers

I look forward and appreciate all your responses


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  1. Not sure about the sui mai, but I've never seen ready made wrappers for hau gau. Based on wheat starch, they're not that easy to make as there's no gluten to help it bind. I tried making them one day to no avail. I then decided it was much easier to just go out for dim sum.

    1. Siu Mai wrappers are similar to wonton skins-- they should be thin and yellow-ish (but there are square wonton skins and round wonton skins, and each brand is slightly different, so try different brands). You'll never find Ha Gau wrappers-- you'll either need to make them yourself (lots of recipes on the web) or just do what Chinese people do... go out for dimsum or buy frozen dimsum.