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Feb 4, 2008 11:11 AM

Visiting Panama City Beach, FL ... need help with getting fresh sea food and others..

Hi There,

We are visiting PCB in a couple of weeks time for a family vacation and needed some information on getting fresh sea food (for cooking/grilling) and some really great places to eat (preferably local ones). We are staying at the Majestic Beach Resort . I hope to avoid Walmart and the types to obtain some really fresh sea food. Is there a local fish market that i can avail ? Your suggestions are highly appreciated.


P.S Please let me know about any information that will be handy while we are there. Thanks

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  1. Captain Anderson's gets all the billboard signage. But I'm not sur eif they're open this time of the year. Buddy's Seafood on Hwy 79 is open year round I believe and does have a nice selection of fresh seafood. Plus you can eat there.

    Try for a travel guide to Panama city Beach with reviews of local restaurants. Beach BBQ , Coram's and Hammerhead Fred's have top rated reviews as does Lotus Vietnamese. Mike's Diner sounds like a decent breakfast place.

    Have a good trip.

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      I grew up there and miss the Heavenly Hash at Coram's Steak n Egg!!!

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        HAMMERHEAD FRED'S WAS HORRIBLE! Food was a combination of extremely bland or overcooked. $110 for 1 appetizer, 3 chicken finger baskets and 1 seafood dinner, including tip (didn't want to punish the waitress for the bad food). LESSON LEARNED! WON'T BE BACK!

      2. Will you please post any good restaurants and or fresh seafood places as we are going in August. Thanks.

        1. I just moved to San Diego from PCB about 6 months ago. I also worked in one of the restaurants in neighboring Walton County. The best burger, salad, and fish sandwich is at Flamingo Joe's just up from the Baypoint Marriott on Thomas Drive. Liza's Kitchen and Andy's Flour Power both have excellent deli-type sandwiches. Scenic 30-A in Walton County (just 1/2 mile from the west end of Front Beach Rd.) has many excellent, high-end restaurants. Wild Olives has excellent tapas, sandwiches, and wine. Onano (i'm a little biased here--it's my old line-cook home) is awesome. Old Florida Fishhouse has excellent sushi, as does Fish Out of Water at Watercolor Resort (and Jerry makes and excellent Lemon Drop). Lotus Vietnamese in Panama City is awesome. I would have brought them with me. Mellow Mushroom Pizza is unbeatable. Would have brought them with me here, too. Really miss their hummus and pita. And the shopping in Destin is great. The outlet mall has some great stores. Have fun. Take lots of sunscreen. Oh, yeah, Crooked Island Sound is the best canoeing around. The water is crystal clear, and you can see all the fish and shellfish at the bottom. Great place to get sand dollars. The island at the other side of the sound is a beautiful, isolated beach. Don't bother with shell Island--there are no shells. Anyway, hope this helps.

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            One more I forgot, and how could I forget them? Joey's Java Juice has the best coffee on the beach. They will make your drink from scratch (no mixes, no pre-fab). I used to get my frappe with soy, or with no milk. They have 2 locations--one on front beach, one on middle beach. You will often find Joey working the counter. Their coffee is organic and fair-trade.

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              Where is Lotus Vietnamese in Panama City? Is it a good "ethnic dive" or is it a little more upscale? We haven't had good Vietnamese in a long while. PCB is a day trip for us.
              What style of pizza does mellow mushroom serve?

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                Lotus is on Hwy 98, just east of the Port, on the Panama City side of the Hathaway Bridge. You can almost miss it--the sign is eclipsed by the Omelett House's sign, that threatens goulash-tea (?). Like almost anywhere else, you can go in nice shorts and collared shirt. It's woned by a Vietnamese-American family, and they're really nice. I used to get the ginger chicken or pho. They have 2 types of spring rolls, and both are great. It's ethnic, but not a dive. As for Mello Mushroom (on Thomas Drive, next to Hammerheads), the style is a little eclectic. The crust is a little thicker than NY, but still chewy, the toppings range anywhere from goat cheese and sundried tomato to simple pepperoni. They serve several white pizzas, a pesto pizza, as well as the standard marinara.

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                  We are going to PCB May 25. We usually camp at St Andrews, but this year we are biting the bullet and staying in a condo.

                  We know our way around the east side of PCB, but have never ventured over to Front Street, where the condo is located. It is actually on the east side of Front Street- is there anywhere to go in that area? We particularly enjoy breakfast places and dumps with great food...

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                    The street system in PCB is confusing, the best thing to do is get a good map (not the illustrated thing from Alvin's Island--a real one). If you want a breakfast dump with good food, go to Coram's on Thomas Drive. Just don't look at the ceiling. Try the Heavenly Hash.

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                      what about eat at mike's for Breakfast?