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Feb 4, 2008 11:08 AM

introducing a toddler to pizza near Washington Square Village.?

My little boy has not yet had pizza. I'd love to have introduce him to a good slice. Any suggestions? I've heard good things about John's on Bleecker but they don't sell individual slices. I don't mind going for a whole pie but a slice place would be good too. It could be a place that delivers but he and I are doing bonding evenings out so a baby-friendly place not too far (from Wash. Sq. Vill.) would be great as well.


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  1. I like the slices at Bleecker Street Pizza on the corner of Bleecker and 7th. Their Nonna Maria slice in particular is great.

    1. I live not far from there. On the corner of Waverly and Mercer is Pizzeria Mercato. While the pizza is average though very fresh given the hordes of NYU kids who come in, they have huge windows on Mercer where you can take your son to watch them make the pizza. I took my daughter there as a toddler and the pizza makers would toss flour at the window to get a reaction out of her. 8 years later, my daughter still puts her nose up to the window until someone tosses flour at her. Of course now she'll only eat John's or Lombardi's or Una Pizza Napoletana and insists on real buffalo mozzarella.

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        What do you think of Otto as an option? I can't remember now if I've actually tried their pizza - but have seen a lot of children there.

        1. re: MMRuth

          i've been to otto, bleecker st pizza and pizza mercato in my nyu days.
          i think bleecker st pizza blows away pizza mercato while, otto, which i happen to adore (aside from the horrible service) does not serve slices and the pizza, although very good, is a bit atypical. so, i'd recommend you take your little boy over to bleecker st and have a seat in a regular pizzeria and share a really fabulous slice. it's one of my favorite pizzerias in manhattan. please report back.

          1. re: nativeNYer

            I absolutely love Bleecker Street pizza (particularly the square slices) as well. I always feel that they deserve more love from this board (rather than always raving about John's and Joe's). The people there are also extremely nice and down to earth, which makes the experience even better.

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              I'm piling on to the rec for Bleecker St. Pizza, although the last time I went the people working there were too busy chatting among themselves to be very helpful.

              1. re: Lucia

                Totally agree with all who say that Bleecker Street Pizza is the best for the toddler's intro. Warning -- if he starts out on this, he'll be spoiled. I don't really understand why Joe's gets so much love on this board -- Bleecker's is definitely superior.

                Lucia, I also encountered the not-so-helpful service. I and others were waiting for at least five minutes for the guy to finish his conversation with the other workers so he could take my order.

            2. re: nativeNYer

              I conceded that Mercato doesn't compare to Bleecker or even to Joe's. Of course I still prefer John's to all but the OP wanted a slice place and I think Mercato's is a nicer place and recently refurbished to watch the pizza making. I also am influenced by the sentimental value of having brought my own little pizza "snob" there for her first taste of P I Z Z A.

                1. re: guttergourmet

                  ... and I will definitely concede that the pizza at Mercato is far more nicely (and very uniquely) displayed than it is at Bleecker. But I haven't been at either in several years.

          2. The Pizzeria on MacDougal Street is great.

            1. Joe's Pizza on Carmine without a question. It's what a NY slice should be. Thin, great cheese, great sauce and of course foldable.


              1. Take him to Ray's (the original) on 6th Ave. at 11th St. The greasy kids stuff all the way. When he's older he can discover Difara or Joe's on his own and feel special, you dig?

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                  I'll never forget my first time at The Original Famous Ray's of Greenwich Village when my Dad took me from Queens to see the "Village". I decided to live there and never left. Two subsequent memories from Ray's-1. the day I met my future wife at NYU orientation-took her to Ray's where she spit out the sicilian slice because it was (and still is) layered with onions under the cheese (what's up with that?). I married her anyway. 2. my childhood friend "Fuzzo" and I while attending NYU decided to share a large sausage pie, just the two of us, to the amazement and what we mistook as admiration of the elementary school kids from P.S. 41 across the street. After staring at us and finishing their pizza, they all stood in the doorway and yelled "pigs!" and ran away. We didn't bother to chase them as there was still plenty of pizza left to consume as befitting our new nickname.

                  1. re: BluPlateSpec

                    why would he need to order Joe's when he's older? It's not gourmet or anything? Just curious.

                    1. re: ginsbera

                      Good question. I have to go out of my way to eat at Joe's, but not as far as some others. One day a man sitting next to me said, "I just drove up for Virginia this morning just to have a slice here." When I asked was it worth it, he said, "Definitely!"
                      Why do I walk past maybe twenty or more other pizza places to get a slice at Joe's? I like it and so do many others. Is it consistent? No. Sometimes the trip seems like a waste but I'm willing to give it another try and am usually rewarded. Yes I see many tourists there guide book in hand but there are many more locals that I see again and again. So is Joe's gourmet, no, it's just satisfying.
                      Good answer?

                      1. re: BluPlateSpec

                        Sorry, misunderstanding. I've been to Joe's. It's my favorite pizza place in the city so far. It's stragithforward NYC pizza. My question was this:

                        Why would a toddler/kid need to wait to get Joe's until he's older. You said in response to the post that the kid should find Joe's or DiFara's when he's older. I personally didn't understand why.