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Feb 4, 2008 11:07 AM

Smith's or Bar Blanc?

I will be in town Feb 14th-17th: looking for good food with a nice trendy atmosphere. I am coming in town with a friend for a "girls away" weekend from our hubbies and we are both young minded & fun 40-something's. I come to New York often and love the atmosphere of Raoul's, Mercer Kitchen & Nobu. During my last trip I ate at Peasant and Lupa, both mediocre in my opinion. Veritas was wonderful and I was lucky enough to dine there prior to the chef's departure. We are open to $'s so any help will be appreciated. So far I have the following on my radar:

Feb 14th: Fredericks Downtown: I was referred here but I have no clue what its "really" like as far as food and clientele

Feb 15th: I have (2) reservations so far, one at Smith's and the other at Bar Blanc. Both after 10:00pm unfortunately. Which is better?

Feb 16th; I have a 10:30 at Allen & Delancey: is this place overhyped? If not, any reco's for a great place to have cocktails before or after.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are staying in Soho.

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  1. You may want to take a look at these postings about Bar Blanc and Allen and Delancey:

    They should give you something to compare. I liked the atmosphere at BB much more than A and D. Much more upbeat and with very comfortable seating.

    I have not been to Smith's.

    If you are really into great food, I would highly recommend Dovetail. It's on the upper West side but well worth the subway ride. The clientele tends to be 40's and older.

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      Thanks so much for your reply and postings. We are leaning towards Bar Blanc instead of Smith's for our friday evening. The reviews for Dovetail sound wonderful so we might give it a try for lunch. I will keep you posted.

    2. Just came from trying Smith's and would not recommend it. Menu is limited. We ordered two appetizers, the squid and sardines, were okay with the sardines, left most of the squid, which was burdened by a lemony, mayo sauce. Sardines were not whole, but mashed up and fried, tasty enough despite that. Then we shared a fish and it was disappointing. Had rice pudding for dessert, again not taken with it. I would not recommend this place as there are hundreds of better restaurants in NYC.

      1. i havent been to bar blanc but smith's was good in my opinion. the lobster entree was excellent and the saddle of lamb was nearly as good as my favorite lamb dish at veritas. my only gripe was that the layout was a bit awkward and if i remember, there was carpet on the floor which just seemed out of place. its a pretty narrow room so unless you get a booth, it may be a bit annoying.

        allen and delancey on the other hand is delicious and has excellent service. a bit too cool for school at times but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed my food.

        1. I can't believe Smith's is still that busy, Skip, skip, skip that place. We were SO very disapointed.
          I will second Dovetail, we had a fantastic meal and felt very relaxed there.
          Have not been to Bar Blanc.