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Feb 4, 2008 11:01 AM

Mardi Gras Day - Best Quarter places with all day one price food and drinks

Last year hubby and I went to Bombay Club for a one price all you can eat and drink Mardi Gras day special. For $65 they had a nice buffet and free flowing martinis. We usually spend the day walking and gawking in the Quarter, but need a couple of time outs for feeding and watering and nice clean bathrooms! Bombay Club was a nice respite, cool and comfortable. We will probably go there again but wondered what else was available. I didn't grab an Offbeat in my recent travels, and I haven't been able to find any recommendations online, or a list of what other places are offering for the same type of deal. I tried, but can't seem to put in the proper search words to pull up what I want. Parade routes not important, we mostly enjoy the Quarter on Mardi Gras day. As always, thanks for your help.

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    1. re: CEfromLA

      Thanks, I will keep it in mind for next year. We live on Baronne, near Girod and didn't get up until after the parades started so we were trapped and didn't make it to the Quarter during the day. After the las parade rolled through we walked over and heard some music, enjoyed the craziness for a couple of hours then went to Bombay and had a nice dinner with great drinks. Had a great time, just different than we planned. I guess things always work out.... Thanks for answering.

      1. re: nosurndr

        I used to make the Rib Room my port in a storm for Mardi Gras