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Feb 4, 2008 10:59 AM

Dinner in Fairfield (the town), CT

I am going to the Fairfield Theater Company on Sanford St. with a friend on Friday and we wanted to catch dinner beforehand. Doing a bit of online searching I came up with 3 options close by – St Tropez, Restaurante Islas and Sarabande. Has anyone been to any of these and have any comments? I tried doing a search on this board and didn’t see anything. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I live in Fairfield and have eaten in most of the restaurants, but for some reason have not made it to St. Tropez or Sarabande. Islas is great though - excellent food and vibe. If you're more specific about what you are looking for (price point, cuisine, atmosphere) I'd be glad to make some additional suggestions.

    1. Of the 3, personally I would go to Sarabande. A great little spot that we just discovered.
      You can also walk to some others from there. Centros and one of my favs is Quatro Pazzi. It is on the main drag there, up past the Victoria's Secret and the Book Store there. About 2 short blocks from the theater. Enjoy..........

      1. We've eaten at St Tropez twice and thought it was pretty bad. We know people who love it, which is why we went back the 2nd time, but it just fell flat for us. Sarabande we ate at once and weren't that impressed. Haven't eaten at Islas. Osianna is a mediterranean place on Reef Road which has gotten some pretty good reviews. Fraiche in the Greenfield Hill area of Fairfield is very good, we've been there twice in the last couple of months. We also love Paci in Southport, upscale, delicious italian food, it's on our regular rotation of restaurants!

        1. I second Osianna. The only trouble is they don't take reservations - shouldn't be a problem if you go early enough.

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              Thank you to everyone who recommended Osianna. It was fantastic!

              It is such a cute place and it looks like a great place to eat outdoors in the summer with that nice patio in the front. We ate on the lighter side so I don’t have much to report back on, but what we had was excellent. I had the rocket and romaine salad and the small plate of veal ossobuco, while my companion had the grouper special. The hardest thing was deciding what we wanted - everything looked great. They also had a nice number of wines by the glass and the waitress was very helpful in recommending something perfect for each of us. We had one small hiccup when they brought out the ossobuco before everything else even though we had indicated we wanted everything together, but they very expediently took it back and brought everything out together. Unfortunately we had to skip dessert because we were running out of time.

              I will definitely be going back when I am back up in that area.

              They do have a website, which is

          1. I agree with Paci's - I love that place! And, Quattro Pazi also gets my vote as an option. Sarabande and St. Tropez are just o.k. And, Centro is absolutely not o.k. It's a dining joke for people who have no idea what good food can be.

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            1. re: MasterofLightChick

              I have to disagree - I know good food, and like Centro. Not saying it's an all time favorite or the best there is, but it's far from a dining joke. I'm curious what about it has caused such a harsh opinion by your palate?

              1. re: Ima Foodie

                Centro has lured me there in the past with the energetic vibe emanating throughout the place. You can't beat the energy and the lively atmosphere - that alone sets it apart from many of the local dining establishments. Nor can you beat sitting outside when the music is playing during the summer.

                But, the offerings to me are simply bland and boring and the wine list disappointing. It seems people are in love with the huge portions given but nothing I ever ordered there wowed me. Everything from the wine to the bread to the soups to the entrees were simply ordinary and not worth my dining dollars nor my dining energy. Isn't it wonderful to walk away from a meal that makes you smile and talk about it for awhile - be it a tiny find or a gourmet experience? The last time I went to Centro I walked out of there swearing.

                1. re: MasterofLightChick

                  I guess different strokes as they say. I would agree that nothing at Centro wows me, but it's sometimes a great salad or pasta doesn't need to be mind blowing. Ironically, I ate at Paci and to this day cannot understand what all the fuss is about. Mediocre Italian in a nice setting that people rave about because everyone says they should.

                  1. re: Ima Foodie

                    oh, now I disagree with you on Paci. I really like that place and not because of anyone else's love affair with it (unlike my opinion of The Dressing Room in Westport where I think people go just because...). I have had several beautiful dining experiences at Paci even when I sit at the bar for a quick little bite. Oooh, writing about it reminds me of the delicious semolina bread they offer from a bakery down in Brooklyn, I believe, and the thick, rich olive oil that makes me so happy.

                    How do you like Quattro Pazi down the road from Centro?

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                      in another league from Centro entirely - LOVE their food, though it can be a bit loud. Cafe Quattro next door is also great for a quick bite.

                      Don't get me wrong -I'm not saying Centro will give you the "talk about if afterwards" kind of meal, just that it's decent and not a joke as you put it.