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Oct 20, 2001 07:04 PM

Vietnamese Food

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Just moved to the area and am searching for good ol' Vietnamese Food. I want crispy squid, hollow vegetables, bbq pork...any suggestions?

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  1. Go to Little Saigon, which is centered around Bolsa Ave. in Westminter outside of LA there are a ton of excellent Vietnamese restaurants and businesses there.

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      Richard Gould-Saltman

      Anything closer than the next county? I'm seeing more "Pho" places around Koreatown (Olympic to 6th, Vermont to Crenshaw), but I don't know if any are more than OK, or if the Korean take on Vietnamese food is as slightly-off-center as the Korean take on Japanese food (or, god forbid, as odd as the occasional Japanese take on Italian food, which gave us the spaghetti sandwich)

      1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman

        Try Pho' Nguen Hong in San Gabriel. This is by far the best place for Pho' Good Everything else too. 7 beef Resturant down the street ( Valley Bl ) is great also. I have not personally found anyplace in Hollywood that I like at all... ( and I live in Hollywood )


        1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman

          I work in Koreatown and have tried out a few of the pho places here. They're all Korean-ized...whatever that means (I just know that the folks who run the restsaurants are Korean and the clientele is mainly Korean). The broth is not as tasty as it could be, and they don't serve the exotic mix of meats Liver Boy mention (no offals, tendon, etc). Only sliced, marinated beef here! You would be better off going to Little Saigon, or trying out some of the places in San Gabriel.

      2. At Victory and Sepulveda in Van Nuys is 99 Ranch Market. They have 2 sit down restaurants and a steam buffet. Across the street in the mini mall are a couple more places. I personally am hooked on the steam table food at 99 Ranch.

        1. Check out this earlier thread, courtesy of Tom Armitage. He's got it down...