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Feb 4, 2008 10:57 AM

Best Vietnamese Sandwich in north Austin?

I googled around and found Lily's, next to MT Supermarket and went today. It was pretty good, but I suspect there could be better out there. Where do you guys like to go? Tam's deli is next on my list.

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  1. Tam is a great cheap lunch. They're cheaper for carry out than eat in. I love the pork sandwich, although it's been a while

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    1. re: amysuehere

      The only caveat with getting the sandwich to go is that the bread gets cold. It is sooooooo good when it comes straight out of the toaster oven... But as good as the sandwiches are, I think they are a tad overpriced at the dine in cost.

    2. Went to Thanh Nhi for lunch today.
      2 people filled themselves quite nicely for $8
      It isn't the best, but it works quite nicely for a quick, cheap, tasty lunch.

      I was a huge Ba Le fan before they closed doors. I've always thought Tam was good but what I get for the price isn't that great.

      Thanh Nhi has become our regular go-to place because it is cheap, fast, friendly and always has a place for me to sit and eat. I have a soft spot for their grilled pork paste sandwich.

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      1. re: Seamus Mitwurst

        Thanks Seamus...Ba Le was my fave too, and nothing else tastes right now! I loved all the stuff up on the counter sealed in plastic wrap. I didn't know what much of it was, but had a good time buying whatever looked interesting and digging in.

        I'll check out Thanh Nhi. Where are they located?

        1. re: Seamus Mitwurst

          I second Thanh Nhi! I just polished off a very nicely done grilled pork sandwich for a whopping $2.80. The very fresh veggies in there were a nice surprise. I'll be back to try the pork paste and pork skin versions.

          They're on North Lamar right near the Rundberg intersection. Sort of in the same shopping center as Shalimar, if that's any reference.

          1. There's definitely better than Lily's -- the last time I went (which was awhile ago and never want to go back) -- both the bread and grilled pork were cold. in my opinion, it was not good.

            I am not a banh-mi connoisseur, but I can definitely say that there is better. Tam's is ok... but I guess it's all personal preference.

            1. i still stand by pho van as having the best grilled pork báhn mi in austin

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              1. re: yimay

                Hi Yimay - I liked my pork báhn mi at Pho Van. I also REALLY liked their pho broth (best I've ever had, but my experience is somewhat limited with pho). How do you think that the báhn mi at Pho Van compared to the late Ba Le?

                1. re: rudeboy

                  i really like pho van's broth as well. tan tan has really good broth too.

                  i'm not sure which one was ba le, but if it was the was on north lamar, and closed now, i think it was severely lacking. pho van is the only place that i've had where the banh mi has truly chargrilled pork. tam deli's pork has no char on it and the bread is all wrong, as is the "mayo" sauce.

                  1. re: yimay

                    Sambamaster reporting in after a grueling carnaval weekend. will play ketchup here over the next few days.
                    In the meantime, I'll second Ms Yimay's vote for Pho Van's sandwich. Might be the best, and it's all in the char, baby, it's all in the char. oh, and the bread, and the butter/mayo spread. I've known Tâm since right after she arrived in this country in the mid-70s, and I love her food, and her sandwich, but it's a tad pricey for dine-in and YM's comment about the char is right on. Funny, when Pho Van was part of the franchise Pho Something else, they also had the best broth in town. I wonder if the franchise holders split off and renamed the place. I used to joke that they got that broth, ala McDonald's, in 55-gallon barrels from "the home office". Maybe that wasn't true after all.