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Feb 4, 2008 10:57 AM

Chicken Karaage in WLA / SM

So, I've been hearing great things about Musha and FuRaiBo... and I'm wondering: Is the Chicken Karaage ALWAYS on the menu? Or might I arrive at one of the two and find I'm S.O.L. (S#!T Outta Luck) because the menu evolves so regularly?

Another thing: Where are the best places to get good Japanese Bar Food (even the weird stuff) around West LA? If they serve the Chicken Karaage... a huge plus.


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  1. Musha always seems to have its MFC (Musha fried chicken) and the food there is consistently delicious. I've only been to FuRaiBo once and wasn't too impressed. I like Nanbankan and Bar Hayama much, much more, but I'm not sure if chicken karaage is on their menus.

    1. yes, chicken karaage is always on the menu at both musha and furaibo.

      other places i'd suggest are terried sake house and sasaya.

      1. Chicken karaage seems to be a staple in izakaya. I also like Raku on Olympic and Barrington. It's a Japanese izakaya with Korean influence. Lots of interesting small plates for beer/sake drinking.

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          You know... I've driven past Raku everytime I leave Ralph's. Glad to hear a good word on it... I think that might be my next target, especially if they have Chix Karaage. Thanks!

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            For your reference, here are a few dishes that we like: deep fried zucchini flowers (stuffed with shrimp paste), deep fried lotus root (stuffed with meat), tofu salad, udon in clam broth, kim chee fried rice, black cod cooked in soy sauce, and check out the daily specials on the white board.

        2. Mori-san serves up very good sushi & very, very good izakaya at:

          Place Yuu (in the strip mall on the SW corner of Sawtelle & Mississippi)
          2101 Sawtelle