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Feb 4, 2008 10:57 AM

Korea House-Farmington, MI

Anyone been to Korea House restaurant on Grand River in Farmington? Thanks.

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  1. yes, my sister and brother-in-law love it. Went there with the 2 of them and their 2 kids the night before their 3rd kid was born.

    We got 3 dishes to split and they all come with numerous side dishes, all of which are excellent. I ordered chapche, which was good, but not the best I've had. I don't remember what the other 2 dishes were, although one may have been bulgogi. It was all really good.

    My only complaints would be the service, as the waitress was a bit inattentive and clueless. There were 5 of us dining, and yes, we only ordered 3 dishes, but I figured they would bring us 5 bowls of rice. Nope, we only had 3, and when we asked for 2 more, we never ended up getting them. Also the dessert was disgusting. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, some sort of gelatin, but it tasted like handsoap.

    So I would give Korea House 4 of 5 stars. Not the best Korean I've ever had, but a very good meal worth the value.

    1. yes, I really recommend korea house. this place has the best korean food. I eat in this place at least once a week. I almost tasted every meal, they are all good. I'm korean myself so I know how korean food taste like. They give so many delicious sidedishes that are unlimited you can ask for more. The interior is very homey and nice with calm piano music.

      Once i took my friends who came from new york to korea house. they liked the food better than the korean restaurants over there. they had kalbi and tofu soup. i recommend anything.

      they really had a great service. I don't know about the waitor but I heard the waitresses are the daughters so their service can't be that bad. they say goodbye like five times it was funny

      I really liked how they were cleaning up the empty tables showing us how they throw all the foods out. most korean restaurants for sure reuse sidedishes; i hear it every time but they show us they clearly don't by throwing everything away in front of us. and the best of the best in this place is the desert. its like a cinnamon and ginger sweet tea that taste like a holiday christmas maybe because of the cinnamon. But that desert is one of my and all of my friends favorite. you got to have them.

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        oh reaaally? i'm intrigued. My current Michigan gold standard has been New Seoul Garden over by Telegraph.

        What kind of grill do they use? The higher end LA korean restaurants use a wood grill that makes the kalbi simply amazing.

        Will def have to try this restaurant.


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          Wow, I forgot all about this thread. Thanks foodluverr. I must get there!

        2. we will have to give it a try! thanks for the info. We have been hanging out at bi bim bab in novi which we like very much.