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Feb 4, 2008 10:51 AM

Oahu: Roy's or BluWater Grill?

I'm helping a friend plan a wedding reception and she's stuck between these two restaurants. I think the wedding planner is leaning on BluWater but we have no info about it whereas Roy's is well established.
I think the group is about 60 people. Any advice??

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  1. Roy's has a very nice private dining room with it's own kitchen to the left of the main room.
    They have really good menus for parties or you could work up your own. I've been to events in that room and it is a nice setting with a great view of the Maunalua Bay.
    You know if Jeffrey Katzenburg has Roy's food brought to his private plane they are
    very good at catered events!

    1. blu water is very nice, but not the same caliber as roys... but not the same prices either.

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      1. re: KaimukiMan

        Thanks for the info!

        Is the food good at both? My friend is a chef and I know she can be picky, well not picky but you know, she has high standards. I'm not sure which is a bigger priority, quality of food or budget.

        1. re: keb0503

          In my opinion, the food at Roy's is much better. BluWater's food is uneven - one dish good, two dishes bad, etc. whereas Roy's is consistently at a higher level in quality of ingredients and execution.

          1. re: Yoshio

            pretty much agree with Yoshio on this. I haven't had a "bad" dish at Blu, but none of the "good" was ever as good as Roy's. If budget is not an issue, there is no question. The food, the service, the ambiance and the view are all better at Roy's.

      2. Thank you all!
        I'm going to send all this useful info to her. Hopefully it'll help her make a desicion.