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Knife sharpening in San Diego?

Where can I take my knives to be sharpened in SD? I know there used to be a guy one day a week at the Henry's in University City, but I don't know which day or if he's even still there.

My home sharpener is fine, but they all really need a good professional sharpening. So where do you take your knives?

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    1. I've had them sharpened at a place in Horton Plaza, but I'd actually suggest getting a Tech Furi knife sharpener instead. It does a really good job, even with dull blades.

      I've seen them at Fry's, though I ordered mine online.


      Don't let the Rachel Ray endorsement fool you, it really does work. ;-)

      1. The meat dept. at Bristol Farms has a complimentary knife sharpening service. Drop them off at the meat counter, pick them up 15 or 20 minutes later, and they are nice and sharp.

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          Have you personally used this service? I've heard horror stories of knives being ground down by sharpening services, but mine desperately need a sharpening. I've actually been meaning to post this question myself.

          Someone told me there's a cutlery store at Grossmont Center that does them, but I haven't seen it - anyone know anything about it?

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            Yes, Alice, I have used this service four times since Bristol Farms opened a year and a half ago. The knives come out perfectly sharpened, better than I could do with the devices I've bought and tried.

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              Great - I will give it a try. Thanks!

        2. Sur La Table located in the Carlsbad Forum provides free complimentary knife sharpening.

          1. Windmill Farms in the SDSU area has a guy there one day a week. I can't remember what day though.

            1. The Knife Sharpener at the Henry's in UC is still there, Tuesday & Saturday from 7:30 to 3:30.

              1. Not sure if this place is still there but in UTC over by the food court across from where the movie theater used to be there was a knife shop. Several of the professional cooks that I worked with swore by the place.

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                  I know the place you're talking about. That place closed within the last 6 months--maybe around the holiday season if I remember correctly. Was that place called "The Edge"? I did some Googling and see there are other locations at North County Fair, Horton Plaza, Grossmont Center, and Plaza Camino Real. The pictures look similar to what I remember from the UTC store.

                  Go here for info: http://theedgeknives.com/Sharpening.htm

                  You also get a free basic sharpening if you print that page.

                  Edit: OK I did some clicking around on their website and the store in UTC was "The Edge".

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                    I bet the one in Grossmont Center was the one that I was told about. Anyone remember Merlo's Cutlery at UTC???

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                      There's a Merlo's Cutlery at Parkway Plaza.

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                        NO wonder! I'll have to check it out, my knives are way overdue.

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                      The Edge is closed @ Plaza Camino Real. We always used them for sharpening . They will be missed.

                  2. He's still there, at Henry's in UC. I think he used to be there on Thurs' but now I believe he is there on the weekend, not sure if it's Sat or Sun though.

                    1. I just found my knife guy again- I had lost the contact info.

                      Dan at Razor Sharp Mobile Sharpening 619 460 8386 has been sharpening our knives twice yearly for some time. He sharpens all kinds of knives, including serrated and my multi-tools. He does a fantastic job on Felco pruners and shears as well. Great guy. He charges about $7-10 per knife, plus a $15 mobile fee. He works all over town.

                      Dull knives are far more dangerous in a kitchen than sharp ones. Trust me.


                      1. The Pro Edge Knife on Mission Gorge Road on the way to Santee is terrific. I took a mixed bunch of knives in and they were honest with me about which ones were real junk (I kinda knew anyway) and which were worth sharpening. They even offered to dispose of my junk and they only charge $4 a knife. Can't beat that price. Knives came out great! Address is 7431 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego - (619) 265-0402

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                          Just went to these guys today. Still only $4 a knife and had it done same day. They only take cash or check, so come prepared. http://www.proedgeknife.com/

                        2. The butcher at Bristol Farms....I wrap them in a towel and hand them to the butcher. No more than 5 minutes and my knives are as sharp as when they were new. Love the convenience.

                          1. Whole Foods in Hillcrest has a guy and Windmill Farms in San CArlos, call them for the schedule.

                            1. Try ABC Lock Key & Lawnmower Shop on 30th St south of El Cajon. It's like stepping back in time, an old fashioned locksmith kind of place, but the old feller in there does a great job on our kitchen knives!

                              1. Are there any good places open on the weekends? Or at least closer to the Mira Mesa area if they are only open during the week? The True Sharp and Pro Edge Knife places both sound nice, but their hours and location don't work so well for me.