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Feb 4, 2008 10:37 AM

Knife sharpening in San Diego?

Where can I take my knives to be sharpened in SD? I know there used to be a guy one day a week at the Henry's in University City, but I don't know which day or if he's even still there.

My home sharpener is fine, but they all really need a good professional sharpening. So where do you take your knives?

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    1. I've had them sharpened at a place in Horton Plaza, but I'd actually suggest getting a Tech Furi knife sharpener instead. It does a really good job, even with dull blades.

      I've seen them at Fry's, though I ordered mine online.

      Don't let the Rachel Ray endorsement fool you, it really does work. ;-)

      1. The meat dept. at Bristol Farms has a complimentary knife sharpening service. Drop them off at the meat counter, pick them up 15 or 20 minutes later, and they are nice and sharp.

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        1. re: JeffSD

          Have you personally used this service? I've heard horror stories of knives being ground down by sharpening services, but mine desperately need a sharpening. I've actually been meaning to post this question myself.

          Someone told me there's a cutlery store at Grossmont Center that does them, but I haven't seen it - anyone know anything about it?

          1. re: Alice Q

            Yes, Alice, I have used this service four times since Bristol Farms opened a year and a half ago. The knives come out perfectly sharpened, better than I could do with the devices I've bought and tried.

            1. re: JeffSD

              Great - I will give it a try. Thanks!

        2. Sur La Table located in the Carlsbad Forum provides free complimentary knife sharpening.

          1. Windmill Farms in the SDSU area has a guy there one day a week. I can't remember what day though.