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Brookline Sushi

I am looking for a sushi place in Brookline (is possible one that delivers is always a plus). The place doesn't have to have a nice decor as long as it is clean. Something with special rolls and impeccible quality is what I am looking for...anything near the BU campus would be good too.

Thanks CH!

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  1. I believe Fugakyu in Coolidge Corner is generally regarded as the best for quality, but is is pricier than other places around and as far as I know does not deliver. It is near the BU campus.

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      Fugakyu delivers through Night Owl deliveries (617-292-7695), which is a third party service (i.e. Dining In).

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        Unless something has changed in the last 6 months, Fugakyu delivers themselves too. When I lived in the area, I had delivery from there approximately 15 times and the quality was good every time but once.

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          The flyer I got from them this past Friday specified delivery via Night Owl. I was surprised - I thought that Fugakyu positioned itself a bit more upscale than the kind of place that drops takeout menus through the mailslot.

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            Fugakyu was just written up in the Brookline Tab for numerous health code violations - ugh. It's the second time they've been cited in recent memory.

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              I have been there many times and despite the long waits and somewhat ridiculous size, I always enjoy the sashimi platter and the spicy scallop roll...I always get the ocean spray sashimi platter which has a a great selection of thicker cut fish and is pretty consistent. Last time I went it was awful. The tuna was partially frozen, the yellowtail was chewy and had inedible pieces, the escolar as well(usually my favorite 2)...the only good part was the salmon which is pretty much always good anywhere you go. The spicy scallop roll was delicious per usual at least....I wonder if something happened that night, has anyone else had recent bad experiences??

    2. It's been a while since I've been there but when hubby worked at BU. Ginza at Beacon/St. Mary's was a favorite.

      1. Plenty of good spots: Tsunami, Fugakyu, Mr. Sushi (all in Coolidge Corner), Ginza (near the St. Mary's T stop), Super Fusion (Washington Square) are all worthwhile.

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            I believe you're talking about Minato Sushi. I used to go there quite often and enjoyed it. Nothing too unique or outstanding, but reliably good and inexpensive. They've also got some Korean food, but I only had it once or twice. I do think they deliver as well.

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              It is Minato, and they do basic, very reasonably priced sushi, as well as bibimbap type stuff. They deliver,and I've often called them...

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                Ah, Minato. The cruelest hit we took in moving to the suburbs was realizing we could no longer get sushi delivered to us, as we used to order from Minato a fair amount. Not much in the way of artistry but fresh enough and, hey, delivery!

                GG, as I recall, you used to be a fan of Sushi Express on Beacon. What's your take on them these days?

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                  Naw, I was never one of their big supporters. I think I went once or twice, and I wasn't wowed...Maybe Joypirate? I seem to recall he hit there, and brought his meal to Viavia when it was operating next door...

          2. Super Fusion is very good, less expensive than Fugakyu and delivers in Brookline. Jae's on Beacon Street has good sushi, with special rolls and delivers as well.

            1. since you said impeccible quality, i think fugakyu is the only one in your area that can offer what you what. i think ginza is gross! there are a handful of sushi places in coolidge corner/brookline area: mr. sushi, sushi express, tsunami - all of which i think are cheap and not what you are looking for (high quality + special rolls).

              1. Gari is new and on Harvard near Pho Lemongrass. It is WONDERFUL, with impeccable quality and a real artisinal approach to the food. I'm pretty sure the deliver, too, but you should call them and ask.

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                  I would second Gari. On par with Oishii. They are a bit out of the way on Harvard St. and I am concerned about their chances of survival so I would put out a call to support them.

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                    If anyone wants help insupporting them, they also have a coupon on restaurant.com.
                    I haven't used mine yet, becasue you can't use it on a friday or saturday night...

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                      Shiki in Coolidge corner got a lot of play for a while on Chowhound. I know their non-sushi menu was considered good. Anyone had their sushi?


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                        yes! my bf and i ordered various nigiri's (as well as traditional japanese dishes) and we thought the sushi were just okay. they didnt have rare, fun fishes...just the traditional salmon, tuna, halibut...etc. I got a tako and the texture was a little bit too chewy, i had a hard time biting into half. the fish was kind of fresh, but def not the high quality i expected. we def wont order sashimi there anymore

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                          Thanks for the reply, kweesee. guess one should stick with what's been called the "izakaya-style" food at Shike, eh?

                2. Ginza is the only sushi I'll eat!! Extremely fresh, beautifully prepared, great service!!

                  1. Tsunami is good for sushi, though I have heard (have not tried it myself) the sashimi is not so fresh. You should also try their seaweed salad - yum!

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                      I hope the new place is cleaner than the old one. It was really, really filthy.

                    2. Takeshima on Harvard St. is good. They have some rolls that I find interesting.

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                        I agree completely. I LOVE this place. The price is not as burdensome as some of the other Brookline standards. Plus their ginger dressing is really good.

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                          There was a time when I'm almost certain that Takeshima was the only place for sushi in the CC area. I used to go there often, and liked it. Then when all the other places sprung up, I noticed a downturn in general quality at Takeshima. But I'm glad to hear two good recent CH reviews of it. Maybe I'll give it another try sometime soon, it's been a few years.

                      2. In Boston there are two kinds of sushi places. The ones that have been around forever and have upped their prices for the ridiculousness that they serve. If you put enough things in a maki roll then you don't notice that the fish isn't the freshest. Tada... you have Fugakyu. Ginza is about on the same level. You pay for the japanese (but is it really?) atmosphere and those bitchy hotesses and indifferent serving staff.

                        And then there are the genuinely good places that care about what they serve and know what they are doing.

                        If you want fresh fish at reasonable prices and delivery, check out Super Fusion in Washington Square. Their spicy tuna roll, which they will happily add avocado to for me, is full of chunks of fresh, tender tuna in a tangy spicy mayo. In the two years that I've been ordering delivery from there, I have yet to have a bad experience. They've never had a problem adjusting what's on the menu for my tastes, presentation is nice and they don't skimp on the good stuff like other places, rice to inside ratio is perfect. Try the avocado snow crab roll with tamarind dipping sauce, it's incredible!

                        1. over the past one/two years i think i've tried every sushi place in the immediate vicinity of coolidge corner* and, as a result, i've pretty much given up on eating sushi in the neighborhood. but i was especially underwhelmed by fugakyu. their fish was decidedly not fresh. but what really turned me off was their miso soup. yes, lowly miso soup, which was so greasy (why, i have no idea) i couldn't finish the little bowl of it for the first time in my life.

                          *ok, not every single one. i haven't been to newer ones, like gari.

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                            Thanks everyone - I have quite the list now...I'll let you all know what i think after trying a few of them.

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                              do let us know what you like. i like super fusion and shiki best but others in brookline have different preferences and its nice to hear what a newcomer experiences.

                          2. This is good. I live in the Coolidge Corner area, and sushi places abound, but I rarely eat it here. Why? I like Mr. Sushi, I've always found their fish to be fresh and the place is a proper, not trumped-up restaurant. Ginza at St. Mary's has been mostly good too. Fugakyu; hmm, I don't get it, but I cannot eat the sushi there. I actually prefer sashimi, and the big hunks of fish they cut just turn me off. Their other Japanese food can be ok except that then you still have to deal with the attitude of some of the staff. Gari, well I only tried once and it seemed ok except that they pushed one of their upscale sashimi plates and it was ok, looked beautiful but the flavors didn't jibe. That was right after they opened and I wanty to give it another try. Takeshima, it's been both good and bad. Tsunami, last two times I went ( a couple of years ago) it was really disappointing (I'm being nice). I suppose I've been spoiled by places like O Ya and Uni, now it's hard to accept any of the flaws of most of these places. But most of all I just want good quality fish, well cut, fresh, and without attitude. My go-to places in Brookline are Mr. Sushi and Ginza, I need to try Super Fusion soon. I have never had sushi/sashimi as takeout so I don't know how the quality of that may differ at any of these places.