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Oct 20, 2001 03:12 AM

Fruit glace

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In the 1960s and maybe earlier, there was a booth-like business on Riverside Drive near Griffith Park selling frozen fruit glaces, sort of a sorbet in its own shell. (E.g., orange sorbet in orange shells, canteloupe sorbet packed in canteloupe slices). The company eventually moved to Overland Ave. a few blocks north of Venice Blvd in West LA, and then seemingly disappeared. Their product was often sold in restaurants (remember the old Ash Grove?) and carried in the frozen food section of Jurgensen's grocery (remember those days?) Anyway, anyone know where to get this type of product now?

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  1. It's not too hard to make them - your typical upscale yuppie food destination (Gelson's, Bristol Farms, that sort of thing) will have umpteen kinds of fruit sorbet. Just get the matching fruit and a melon baller and make your own!

    I used to be able to buy pre-frozen ones at the Food Bag / El Cubano market in North Hollywood but I don't live up there anymore so I don't know if you can still get them, and in any case it's yummier to make one's own.

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      I think I have seen these, lemon or orange, at Trader Joes. However their stock is always changing so give them a call, the main office in Pasadena could probably tell you if they still carry it.