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Feb 4, 2008 10:15 AM

Bar Boulud -- Won't be returning

Went to Bar Boulud, on Broadway and 63rd, for the first time Sunday night. We were really excited

We were sat near the front of the house where all the two tops are, which was fine as there was a space heater warming the area nicely. We both really liked the decor and the construction of the restaurant, clean lines, airy. Tables a bit tight, could hear our neighbors' entire conversation, but used to that in NY.

Ordered drinks, got nice cheese puffs at the table and crusty bread. For appetizer, he got the scallops, two of them. He really enjoyed the dish. I ordered the skate stuffed with mushrooms. Sounded great. Looked great when it arrived, mushrooms were delicious. However, after I few bites I noticed the fish was bloody inside. I was completely grossed out and couldnt' even eat another bite. I had eaten all the vegetables at this point, so I felt bad turnign it back...His steak frites he said were delicious.

For dessert, I had the chocolate mocha tart. It was really tasty, but really really tiny for $10. Service was fine. I won't be returning. Aside from the fish fiasco, nothing on the menu really popped at all.

It appeared as if everyone around us had ordered a pate and seemed to be enjoying it, so maybe that was the route to go there.

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    1. Melody,
      My skate experience was bad, too. I ate there the first week after the restaurant opened, and ordered the skate, which was way over-cooked--dry and shriveled and bordering catfood territory. Also, my impression was that the mushrooms were "reconstituted" (I cook and have made fresh and "reconstituted" mushrooms in the past). Maybe your bloody skate and "real" mushrooms were a result of complaints during the past few weeks. Give it another try. I'm going to. Well..

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wow, I am so surprised and sorry to hear this. As a worshiper of DB, I had (well, still have) high hopes for this place, especially considering how challenging it can be to find an enjoyable meal near Lincoln Center before and/or after the opera/ballet (aside from Picholine, which I adore). I think I will wait a bit and give it a go myself- and be sure to come back and report.

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          1. re: vvvindaloo

            Yes - me too - was looking forward to it as a nice place for a late lunch after a movie at Lincoln Plaza - and will give it a try in a month or so.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Being that we canceled our reservation on Friday after too many negatives, we decided to pop in on Saturday afternoon to give it a look-see after the wonderful "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" which was right down the street.
              Situated right next door to Fiorello's -- it is a bright, appealing, cool typical NY retreat, long and narrow with 3 tables for 2 fronting the glass window for all who walk by to see. Actually, these 3 tables are configured in such a way that they are not on top of one another -- they sit back to back instead, which is good.
              There are 2 doors upon approaching so that when you walk in the first door, you must immediately open another door (which is good because it does tend to keep the cold out -- and baby it was windy and cold on Saturday, trust me!)
              As it was 3:30 and uncrowded with several stragglers, we even asked if we could come in and warm up with some soup or something but the hostess said that unfortunately the kitchen was closed till 5.
              Frankly, I doubt that we'll be back unless it is for a walk-in lunch at the last minute.

              1. re: idia

                You say it was uncrowded. Does that mean that there were other patrons in there who were drinking but not eating? Being that it is first and foremost a wine bar, and not simply a restaurant, I would expect that they'd be a bit flexible about what and when people eat. For instance, if they are open at 3:30 for drinking, they ought to have some food available, as well. Could you tell if people were eating anything at that hour? This is definitely bad news for those who were hoping for a post-matinee meal option.

                1. re: vvvindaloo

                  I certainly agree with you.
                  It seemed to me like those few at the tables (I only saw the front part so cannot comment about the back tables) were lingering after their lunch.
                  The bar was definitely NOT crowded at all.
                  Perhaps they will be serving munchies at the bar at those hours when the kitchen is closed but I was really surprised when she told me the kitchen was closed.
                  It just seems to me like the ideal spot to stop by for soup and light late afternoon fare.

                  1. re: idia

                    FWIW - they made it clear to us when we stopped by two weekends ago that they close at 2:30, then reopen for dinner. Last weekend though, the bartender did tell us that they eventually will be open straight from lunch through dinner, which I think will be great.