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Feb 4, 2008 09:56 AM

awkward sunday meal timing

would love some recs re where to take out of towners for a good and fun meal after a Univ of Chicago bsktball game on sunday afternoon (around 2:30)...constrained only by needing to get the guests to Ohare by 6 or so...any cuisine, price point...

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  1. By all means, take them to Greektown!. Fun, good food, a real experience. We are partial to The Parthenon, but Greek Islands, Santorini and others on Halsted St are good. You're also close there to the Kennedy so you can get them to O'Hare.

    1. Did you mean Univ of Illinois Chicago (aka UIC)? If so, then the game is at the UIC Pavillion.

      I second the recommendation for Greektown. Great food at reasonable prices and FREE PARKING!! Greek Islands at Adams and Halsted is quite festive and you should be able to get a table at that time.

      Venus Cypriot & Greek cuisine; on Jackson just west of Halsted in Greektown for Chicago's only Cypriot (Cyprus) restuarant. Excellent food at reasonable prices in a festive space.

      Alternately, Tufano's Vernon Park Tap at 1079 W. Vernon Park just off of Racine in the LITTLE ITALY area is really close to the UIC Pavillion. Great mom and pop Italian for dirt cheap prices. Cash Only.

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        actually, it is indeed the University of Chicago (not UIC)...not famous for basketball nowadays, but nonetheless, that's where we'll be
        thanks for your suggestions

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          Greektown is still an easy jaunt from Hyde Park, and the free valet parking makes it quick and easy to go there. My favorite spot in Greektown is Parthenon.

          It is also quick and easy to get from Hyde Park to Chinatown. You can search this board for lots of opinions on the best restaurants there.

          If you decide to stay in Hyde Park, you can go to the Medici. The food is basic (although very good by HP standards) burgers and pizza. The atmosphere is very University of Chicago. It is the place I associate most with my time in Hyde Park.

          Hyde Park also has a variety of decent, cheap Thai places. My favorite is Snail on 55th and Hyde Park Boulevard.

          BTW, all of the suggestions you've gotten so far are pretty casual. Let us know if you want something more upscale.

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            This thread has some ideas for Hyde Park dining...


            I've heard good things about La Petit Folie, which is east of the UChicago campus on 55th street, but never made it there in the four years I worked on campus.

        2. I didn't know that NCAA Div III schools played basketball games on Sundays.

          Since the game starts at noon, you should be out close to 2 pm. You could easily head to either Chinatown or Greektown for a leisurely dinner and still easily get to O'Hare by 6 p.m. with time for another stop or two.