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Oct 19, 2001 09:56 PM

Cora's in SM reopens

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Bruce Marder bought it (and the restaurant next door), gutted the interior and totally changed the menu. No announcement yet as the help is still very raw. Outdoor patio is open.
My friend said the rotisserie chicken was fabulous. I had the Egg White Veggie Fritatta w arugula salad (great dressing), some roasted potato that was perfect, and thick toast. Also a hot fresh peach pie right out of the oven with homemade caramel ice cream-all superb.
Marder was all over the help.
Coffee was STRONG.
Great meal. It will get crowded as Shutters and Casa Del Mar get the crowds back up-and the new Pacific Hotel is finished.

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  1. Same staff, same menu ? I worked for Marder once, just curious?

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    1. re: Pantera
      michael (mea culpa)

      I used to go to Cora's and make hash browns disappear when Cora's was the Westside equivalent of the Pantry. Sic transit gloria.

      1. re: Pantera

        New everything-it's not the old Cora's anymore.
        But it's great-and will be a treat on rainy days when the tourists stay in their hotel rooms.

        1. re: Bob Barnett

          is this supposed to be a coffee shop? does it have a counter seating? also, what kinds of foods are on the menu and is the place only open for breakfast and lunch or dinner too? lastly, is the place expensive, I'm asking because if bruce marder owns the place i'm thinking its gotta be expensive? thanks.

          1. re: kevin

            Inside is a counter w 10 seats, and 2-2 seat tables.
            Outside patio for approx 25 people.
            Chicken, eggs, frittatas, pork loin, and various Marder exotica. Fresh desserts and homemade ice cream.
            Not coffee shop cheap-but not as expensive as Marder's other places. They put some big $$$ into cleaning up the inside.
            I'm sure he'll be open all day once he gets the staff up to par. It's still a "soft" opening.
            I would go back just for the coffee, salad dressing and the ice cream.
            Beach casual

          2. re: Bob Barnett

            Doesn't Bruce Marder own the semi-new one right next door ?