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Feb 4, 2008 09:35 AM

Fried Chicken?

Where can I find good fried chicken? Is there any place that makes it? I'm not sure I've ever seen it on a menu.

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  1. if you're into white meat and want your fried chicken to be part of the meal not the whole meal... the only thing i ever recommend at shanghai cowgirl anymore is their ghetto chicken. a couple of pieces of properly cooked up white meat coated in a nicely herbed crunchy batter with a side of creamy smashed spuds and a few bites of veg of the day. topped off with a nice thick gravy and it's super delicious!

    otherwise... ajuker chicken is certainly a different take on it and offers some nice juicy meat. it's asian style and hard to describe other than this is exactly what my grandmothers fried chicken tastes like.

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      I finally tried Ajuker chicken the other night and was really disappointed. I think the oil was bad/old. And the quality of the meat was sub-par in my opinion. I really wanted to like it too because I live nearby. I am thinking it might of been an off-night as I've read some good reviews. I tried the fried chicken with and without the sauce. The sweet sauce that covered that battered chicken was interesting though. It tasted strongly like cloves to me, but there was something else too. Definitely an acquired taste.

      The Dakota Tavern on Ossington makes buttermilk batter fried chicken apparently. Haven't tested it yet, but they seem to have a "southern" influence in their menu i.e. collard greens, corn on the cob and biscuits were the sides offered.

    2. For Southern-style fried chicken, you might also try Cajun Corner.

      1. I had the fried chicken at Harlem at Richmond and Church last week and it was amazing juicy, crispy and just the right amount of grease!