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Feb 4, 2008 09:26 AM

Morel's French Steakhouse at the Palazzo-anyone been yet?

Boston Chowhounder here with a 4.5 day Vegas vacation starting 2/14(First time in Vegas as well for both my wife and I). Staying at the Paris, and already have reservations at Mon Ami Gabi (loved reading the positive reviews).
Our other $$$$ reservation is already made at Morel's French Steakhouse at the Palazzo.
I realize the soft opening was in January, but has anyone actually dined here yet?
My wife will be in a convention part of the time, so aside from MAG, RUB at the Rio and an occaisional buffet, this will be our most expensive meal of the trip.
And any other Strip located cheap eats are always appreciated, as I will have meal times alone and on foot.
As always,TIA, SW Chowhounders.

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  1. I was just going to ask the same thing - we are staying in the Palazzo right now and we may need a place for a quick lunch tomorrow. Their lunch menu looks decent, and we may give it a try if we don't eat a big breakfast tomorrow. I'll be sure to post if we do.

    1. morel's is a steakhouse ?@!?!?! what the hell is going on ??? mario's place is going/is a steakhouse, cut ( wolfgang's place ) is a steakhouse and damn it...i thought trotter's place was also going to be a steakhouse ...this makes absolutely no sense to me...not to mention that they open a grand lux within a couple hundred yards to the same place in venetian....why ? btw - they still have a lot of little repairs needed in the areas that are currently open ...maybe not repairs but completing the little touches ...something i would not expect from a venetian / sands property...very surprising

      1. It is difficult to imagine the demand for steakhouses from Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and then Morel's within short walking distance of each other, but at least Charlie Trotter's establishment is going to be more seafood oriented, along with a lot of his vegetarian offerings. He was a bit too early when he originally opened in Las Vegas quite some time ago, but maybe now the timing is better. Have not been to Morel's yet, but a friend tells me that the cheese assortment is one of the best on the Strip, and that the place had a comfortable vibe about it despite the size.

        1. just was at Morels last week. We ate at the bar for a light lunch. We started with a Bottle of 2004 Domaine Ramonet Les Verges. Excellent presentation nice stems and served at the perfect temp(not too cold as usually the case). We started with a mix of east and west coast oysters. very crisp and fresh. Then the bread came. both types were tasty and made much better with the french butter. Next came a Charcuterie board with 5 different meats and a fromage board with 5 assorted chesses. all labeled nicely and served at the right temps respectively. Best cheese the Clisson followed by the ewes blue and the Fog Light. A nice side of assorted french olives. Also the bread came with figs and a wonderful honey. Time for the second bottle of Ramonet and we were all feelings relaxed. You can't eat outside yet but you can step out side the door with your drink and enjoy a great couch and sit in the sun. hope this helped...

          1. We just dined there last week and really enjoyed the experience. We thought the service was outstanding (and I'm a 20-year hotel veteran of 4-star and 5-star hotels). There's something for everyone on the menu -- steaks, seafood. You can even go a bit more casual and get a selection from their raw bar or better year, a large board of selected charcuterie and cheeses from their cheese sommelier. I would recommended it very much.