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Feb 4, 2008 09:05 AM

First time in NY, need one great place to try...

Ok here's what I'm guessing is a pretty typical question for those in NY. I'm coming up for about 4 days and staying in the Times Square area. I'm looking for one phenomenal dinner that you all feel is worth the money (i.e. Per Se? Le Bernardin? etc...), and then a bunch of other places that locals love and don't break the bank (i.e. momofuku noodle bar? I've read good things about that one). All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Momofuku is a good one, if you venture there, don't get the noodles. It is counter-intuitive but get everything else but the noodles especially the pork buns.

    What types of cuisine are you interested in?

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      Per se is worth it and you should make every effort to get a reservation.

      noodle bar is good and good on the walet. you might also want to look at allen and delancey. it will not break the bank, but it will run more than the noodle bar. i also think that Del Posto should be considered. you should look at the $45 pre fix menu offered on the enoteca side of the menu. i think it is one of the better deals in town. Bread Bar at Tabla is also a good option especially if you don't want to spend big bucks.

      i love stopping by hearth right around 6:00 and getting a spot at the bar. i get a glass of wine and order the gnocchi, $10. It has to be one of the best dishes in town for $10. you can consider that a starter and then head down the street to Una Pizza Napoletana...

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        I prefer French and Italian, but I like to experiment so if there's somewhere that's highly recommended that's different then what I'm used to, I'll try it.

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          Simple one.
          Per Se for the upscale
          Crispo for reasonable prices but delicious Italian fare

        2. re: bussy26

          High end: Per Se, Daniel, Babbo

          Unique mid range: Spotted Pig, Little Owl, Prune (for brunch)

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            I've read that the spotted pig is really good, have you been? If so can you tell me about it?

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              I've been to The Spotted Pig many times. It can be a bit crazy since they don't take reservations but they have a great (little) bar where you can order apps and partake in some of their delicious homemade cask ales while you wait.

              It sounds silly but their burger with gorgonzola is amazing as well as the ricotta gnudi which are always on the menu and sort of what they're famous for. One time I went I had the squab and you could eat the entire bird it was so tender. They are big fans of seasonal ingredients so the specials are a good way to go.

              It's a scene but one that I think is worth it every time.

        3. For one of your less expensive meals I recommend Dovetail. Not cheap, but main courses are mostly under $30 and the food is phenomenal. You can check out the menu on Menupages. Also, I second idia's recommendation of Crispo and would add Marseille.

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            spotted pig is good, but the wait is way too long and the scene is a bit too much at times.