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Feb 4, 2008 08:31 AM

noe for dineLA

has anyone gone to Noe at the Omni Hotel for Dine LA?
i just made a rsvp for tonight and on the confirmation page on opentable says "this rsvp not eligible for the Dine LA meal"


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    1. Noé at the Omni was not that great. The food might look good but the taste was lacking.

      Below is the review, but if you would like to see pics of the food check out my blog at

      Friday night we decided to dine at this hip/modern restaurant inside the Omni hotel in downtown LA. Word to the wise, you can find street parking pretty easily versus paying for valet. I really liked how they made their name to look like the Eiffel Tower, this design was displayed throughout the restaurant. Definitely a very clean and modern look to the restaurant, but it could be a romantic setting as there were little lights decked out on the trees outside the windows.

      They started off with an amuse-bouche. It was a nicely crusted tuna with fruit salsa on top. The crust had a nice kick to it. The presentation was very nice as well.

      As always, if I see foie gras prepared in a nice way I will order off the menu. P.S. this really does make my meals a lot more expensive, but hey I am enjoying life and I LOVE seared foie gras. Right off the bat I ordered their Foie Gras prepared three ways (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) and then I decided to order the Toro Sashimi served with Pineapple & Yuzu Geleé. Of course I had to ask what the three ways were. Yesterday was seared foie gras atop truffled eggs, today was done in a foie gras butter, and tomorrow was a foie gras croquette accompanied with flavored orange slivers. I don't think I would order this again. Although I think they did a wonderful job in the concept, but the flavor fell short. The seared foie gras was delicious but the eggs below were a little runny and underflavored for my taste. I especially didn't like the middle foie gras butter, I had thought it would be terrine style but it was just like a cream/butter and it was oddly sweet and infused with some kind of weird fruity flavor. The croquette was good but nothing special. I think the problem was that you could not taste the foie gras flavor at all in today and tomorrow.

      The Toro sashimi was only mediocre. Since I am an avid sushi goer, I can tell you the quality of the fish was only so-so and the cut is pretty small for the price. At first I couldn't tell where the geleé was because they usually come in cubes at other restaurants but it was the entire lower layer and both flavors in one. I was hoping for a stronger yuzu flavor but it was just a little bland, nothing special. I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to order this because you can get much better quality elsewhere with the same kind of twist, but I had to try it for myself to know.

      Their 3-course prefix is almost the exact same as their 4-course prefix of $60, which is not bad because the course you are losing is a salad course. I would never order the prefix for $60, you would be better off ordering from the regular menu. One thing I really liked was that they give you truffle butter with your bread, and you can never go wrong with free truffle!

      The first course was Potato & Winter Truffle Soup, which was very flavorful and aromatic. They actually gave a pretty generous shaving of truffle.

      Second course was the Cornish Hen Roulade with Foie Gras & Parsnip Puree. I really couldn't find the foie gras. Overall, the food was cooked nicely and flavorful but nothing outstanding that would make this dish memorable. The puree was sweeter than I thought it would be. I kind of wished I ordered the bouillabaisse instead.

      There was no other choice for dessert except the Berry Cobbler with Chimay Ice Cream. The crust on the cobbler was fantastic, but personally I hate cooked fruit and I didn't like it. My friends seem to like it, they ate the entire thing. The only thing I enjoyed was the crust and then I gave the rest to them. All in all I probably would not come back.