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Feb 4, 2008 08:28 AM

New Lebanese in Arlington

There is a new Lebanese place at the corner of N. Adams and Clarendon Blvd. near Courthouse metro area. Name escapes me, but recall signage saying "Fine Lebanese Dining". It also had outdoor seating!

Anyone know about it?

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  1. Me Jana? Haven't been but it got a good write up in the Washington Post.

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    1. re: ktmoomau
      Finally found their website from Opentable. Supposed to have the good pita like Zaytinya. Haven't been yet, but I am hoping soon.

    2. i'm so happy to hear this place got a good write up and is building a fan base. i stopped in a long while back, right after they opened i believe and the owner/co-owner, whoever was at the bar early Sunday evening was so nice and full of nervous excitement about the restaurant. You have to root for people that have such good intentions :)

      1. There is a mini-thread within a thread on this place. I wanted to like it because it is such a nice place. But the food is very mediocre.

        1. I think its pretty decent and definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood. I love Zaytinya and you can certainly tell that some of their chefs used to work there. The pita was nice and puffy and I had several good dishes. The cheese rolls with feta were a little too greasy for my taste but evertyhnig else was nice. Service was a little wobbly but i think thats just the newness of the place. I would certainly go back - especially in the summer when I assume they will open the patio space.

          1. what does "me jana" mean?