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Feb 4, 2008 07:48 AM

Serenity Crew Night

Hey everyone

Was looking for a little help with something. I work onboard a superyacht that is coming up to ft lauderdale in the coming weeks and we will be there for a few months. we have heard of a restuarant close to this area where the staff are employed to trash talk to the customers etc. we thought this would be a fun way to start our evening off but we are not sure of the name of the place. If anyone knows what it is called or if it is still open then i would be greatful for any infomration you have. Otherwise, do you know of somewhere fun and lively that we could start our evening of in for dinner around the lauderdale or miami areas?

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  1. not sure about the restaurant you are describing, but for fun in ft lauderdale i would recommend himmarshee village. it has revolution, a great music venue that gets good bands. the surrounding street has lots of different restaurants and bars that you can walk around- crazy on weekends. if you are at bahia mar you are right next to bahia cabana, which is fun.
    i'm sure some of the crew know all about waxys and the quarterdeck down on 17th street. since lauderdale has such a huge crew population, there is no shortage of things to do. if you are up at one of the yards on the new river, you will still want to head to 17th street, las olas, himmarshee or the beach, as there is nothing in walking distance.

    from lauderdale, miami is about 30 minutes (with no traffic) some crew may want to go for a late night of clubbing, but for restaurants and bars with good happy hours, etc stay in lauderdale.

    are you coming up from st marten?

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      hey, thanks for that

      yeah we are coming up from st maarten, due to leave next week now and then get there around the 19th. none of us have really been to lauderdale before so thought we would get a heads up before hand.