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Feb 4, 2008 07:43 AM

Whistler for Valentine's Day?

I'm going to be skiing at Whistler for Valentine's day, and I'm wondering if I could get some recommendations for nice places to go for a romantic dinner. I've never been to Whistler before, so I have no knowledge of what is there at all (other than a big mountain). :-)

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  1. Actually 2 big mountains you can ski on.

    Do you have a preference in cuisine? There are 100 or so restos in Whis

    Araxi would be a great spot for VDAY, right in the main square.

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      No preference really. Some place with interesting food and a good atmosphere. I'm not a fan of incredibly trendy-high attitude places, but if their food is very good I'll deal with the attitude. Also, I'm pregnant, so sushi is probably not going to be a good idea, or any place whose main draw is their wine selection. I'm thinking good food, romantic atmosphere. It will be my last chance for a romantic night out alone with my husband probably for a long time, so I want to make it good! :-)

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        Had a horrible service experience at Araxi before. Bear foot Bistro is great, they no longer run the casual side i think though, which was better, but they are great for champagne and oysters after skiing. Also Rim Rock Cafe, Trattoria di Umberto and Fifty Two 80 are all great!

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          4 fantastic choices, but I'm sure Rim Rock and Fifty 280 have been booked for awhile. As for service in Whistler, you can miss at any place in town, they work to ski/party.

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            I just wanted to update that we ended up going with Araxi. It was... okay. We were only able to get a very early reservation, around 6:00 on V-Day, and it was kind of annoying because the restaurant remained empty for about an hour after that, so it seems strange that we couldn't get something later. The waiter was positively annoying, literally asking us 5 times if we had decided on what we wanted before we ordered. Listen, I know it's Valentine's day and you have to move people through the restaurant, but really, for the prices they were charging I expect to be able to relax, talk, and eat at my own pace.

            Despite the awful waiter, the food was very, very good. The prices were very high, but it was worth it. It was our only night out alone on a family vacation, so in my mind every penny was well spent. We started with some pate which was quite delicious, and a good portion size. Then I had lamb tenderloin which came with a really nice sauce and assorted root vegetables (little carrots, parsnip puree, some other things). It was very well done, and again, a good size portion. My husband had some black cod, which he really enjoyed. We had baked alaska for dessert, which was a little disappointing; it was covered with Grand Marnier, which they are supposed to set aflame so the alcohol taste burns off, but I think maybe they didn't let the flame burn much at all because it tasted very boozy. So, all in all, it was a good night for a place which is kind of a tourist trap. It's not really authentic anything, but if you have $ to spend and want some good food and you can ignore the service, it's a good choice in a land of limited choices.

      2. I'd suggest you check out the Mongolie Grill. Have you ever eaten at a make-your-own-stir-fry place? That's what this is. It's a bit pricier than some similar restaurants (they charge you by the weight of your uncooked food, instead of a flat rate per bowl), but loading your bowl with more expensive food makes it good value for money. :)

        What I like best about this place is the selection of food and the ability to craft exactly the kind of meal I want. And the fun of watching the chefs cook your stir-fry in front of you on a huge grill makes for a unique dining experience! Maybe not quite as romantic as a candlelit bistro, because you'd have to get up from the table to go choose your stir-fry, but I think it's still a romantic spot. It's certainly fun, and it's the kind of place that would be hard to go to with a baby!

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          Mongolie Grill - not a nice place for VDAY. Food quality is right up there with Mall Food Court quality. Can be a nice cheap place but not a place I would recommend....Whistler has so many better options.

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            I agree that Mongolie Grill is nothing special and I don't even find it that cheap, except perhaps in relation to the generally over-priced scene in Whistler. I like LeGros on Alta Lake Drive. It's a few miles from the Village, closer to Creekside. Prices are more in line with Vancouver prices, the country French cuisine is quite tasty (though I'd stop short of calling it a gourmet restaurant) and if you request seating in the fireplace room, it's cozy and romantic. This is pretty much a local's place and the longtime owner has stayed in business by providing decent food at fair prices.