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Feb 4, 2008 07:40 AM

Chinese New Year Banquet

Since the CNY is right at the corner. Any suggestions for an authentic and festive banquet for 6 in the Bay Area? We are willing to travel. Two years ago, my friends and I found Jia Yun and we spend New Years Eve sampling Chef Ni's wonderful cold plates and hot dishes.

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  1. In the Bay Area there are many choices. At this point in time we favor The Kitchen in Millbrae.

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      Thanks! I shall give them a try. Was there about a year ro so ago for Dim Sum. I must say I was quite happy with that meal. It wasn't over the top and yet creative. Good balance. I guess we will have to decide whether to order from set menu or customized our dishes....

      1. re: PeterL

        Peter, Do you have any dishes you can recommend?