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Best Italian Sausage

I will be in Manhattan in a few weeks. I am in search of really, really good Italian sausage to take home to Cincinnati (a place where great Italian is nonexistent). Hot, sweet, other flavors. Any recommendations? Have transportation if I absolutely must leave the island to find. Thanks.

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  1. I got the sausage from whole foods for the Superbowl and thought it was incredible - possibly best sausage I've ever cooked.

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      I also picked up some hot Italian sausage from Whole Foods (Union Square) the other day. While the flavor was good, I thought it was too coarsely ground. The chunks of meat and fat sort of spilled out when I cut into it.

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        If you can't make it to Fiacco's....the various Citarella's around the city typically have a very nice selection of italian sausages...if you feel like an excursion search the outer boroughs board for Arthur Avenue, can't miss there...

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        Faicco's is very good. I'll also add that I had some fantastic sausage at a very good Italian restaurant in Manhattan. I asked the GM if they made the sausage in-house and he told me no, that their sausage came from C&L in Queens. These sausages may have been the best I ever had. I haven't trekked out to C&L yet but I really want to go. If I had a car I'd be there tomorrow.

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          I love making various pasta dishes using hot Italian sausage. I've tried Fairway, Citarella, Gourmet Garage, Faicco's Pork Store, etc. All with middling results. Then - like Wingman - I tried Whole Foods and thought it was undoubtedly the best. By the way, I'm surprised and disappointed that Faicco's outsources their sausage. I never heard of C&L, but their hot IOtalian is undistinguished. Try Whole Foods.

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            I thought Faicco's made theirs in Brooklyn ....

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              KTinNYC didn't say Faicco's outsources their sausage. She said it was an Italian restaurant that outsourced from C&L. I really like the dried sausages at Faicco's.

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                Right, I have no idea where Faicco's gets their sausage. What I said is that C&L provides sausage to a very well regarded in Manhattan.

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                    We just didn't want you "dissing" Faicco's!

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            Cheese and parsely sausage at Faiccos. Simply unbelievable...

          3. Every year my childhood friends get together for a bbq. If I didn't bring the Faicco's sausage I wouldn't be invited back.

            1. WOW - I did a google search on Fiaccos only to find them on Bleeker Street! Perfect. That works for me. Not only that but have you seen the photo? A masterpiece. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. The ratings are pretty awesome also so it's definitely worth a shot.


              As for Whole Food, I wonder if now that they've acquired Wild Oats (in our area) if the sausage will be the same - probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

              Don't stop the suggestions, though, I appreciate the input. Thanks.

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                You should get a variety of sweet and hot, fennel and cheese/parsley and throw in some pork braciole while you're at it.

              2. I am not clear on whether you are looking for fresh or dried. If you are looking for fresh, I wholeheartedly second (or is it third?) the parsley/cheese coil of thin sausage at Faicco's.

                1. Funny that no one has mentioned DiPalo's, corner of Grand and Mott Sts. They've got a nice selection of sausages also.

                  That said, Faicco's is certainly a good choice.

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                    I agree with you - though depending on her timing, the OP might want to avoid the line at DiPalo.

                    260 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Missed this one:

                      Di Palo's Fine Foods
                      200 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

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                        While Faicco's is superb and there is nothing better than just hanging in the store on Bleeker, the quality and taste of the sweet Italian sausage is even better at Florence Meat Market, just around the corner on Great Jones near West 4th.

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                          I agree,Florence Meat Market makes great Italian sausages, not that there is anything wrong with Faicco's but Florences are spiced perfectly

                  2. DiPalos has wonderful sausage. To the person who complained about waiting in line a there, well, he's missing the point. I get some of my best cooking tips while waiting in line at DiPalos. and it;s fun talking to all the other enthusiastic foodies. Give yourself a real NYC treat and go to DiPalos for all your Italian foods. you wont be disappointed,

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                      There is the Calabria Pork Store and then the others....Truste me....try the air dried hot italian sausage hanging from the ceiling.......TRUST ME....this place is as authentic as it gets.....

                    2. Not Manhattan, but the Meat Hook in Williamsburg is making some the best sausages anywhere. Italian and other really creative stuff.

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                        My three favorite sausages are:
                        1. Leak sausage from Plaza Meats (Greek Butcher) in the Agora Plaza Mini mall, Astoria Queens. Excellent on the grill.
                        2. Sage sausage from Esposito's at 38tg and 9th Avenue. Also excellent on the grille (finer ground).
                        3. Duck sausage with Armagnac from D'Artagnan (packaged). Available at Fairway Markets. Excellent cooked and a skillet (more delicate)

                      2. While on the question of Italian sausage, does anyone know if Faicco's (or anyplace else) makes an Italian sausage without fennel seed? Thanks!

                        ps. Hope the OP does not think I am hijacking the thread, but more like adding to it. :)

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                          Doubt the OP even cares as it is a 7 yr old thread and her/his visit has come and gone.

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                            It was for any other foodies who what to try other good sausage options.

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                              This wasn't in reply to you. See how it is underneath the post from Multifoiled? That indicates it is in response to that post. Welcome to CH, you'll get the hang of it!

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                                Noted, but still, I like to be considerate. :)

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                            Citarella in the Grand Central Market on Lex makes them both with and without fennel seeds.

                            1. re: sushiman

                              I had gotten sausage from one of the vendors at the Union Square Green Market That had fennel pollen instead of fennel seeds. It was very good.