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Feb 4, 2008 07:34 AM

Best Italian Sausage

I will be in Manhattan in a few weeks. I am in search of really, really good Italian sausage to take home to Cincinnati (a place where great Italian is nonexistent). Hot, sweet, other flavors. Any recommendations? Have transportation if I absolutely must leave the island to find. Thanks.

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  1. I got the sausage from whole foods for the Superbowl and thought it was incredible - possibly best sausage I've ever cooked.

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    1. re: wingman

      I also picked up some hot Italian sausage from Whole Foods (Union Square) the other day. While the flavor was good, I thought it was too coarsely ground. The chunks of meat and fat sort of spilled out when I cut into it.

      1. re: jakew8

        If you can't make it to Fiacco's....the various Citarella's around the city typically have a very nice selection of italian sausages...if you feel like an excursion search the outer boroughs board for Arthur Avenue, can't miss there...

      1. re: Lucia

        Faicco's is very good. I'll also add that I had some fantastic sausage at a very good Italian restaurant in Manhattan. I asked the GM if they made the sausage in-house and he told me no, that their sausage came from C&L in Queens. These sausages may have been the best I ever had. I haven't trekked out to C&L yet but I really want to go. If I had a car I'd be there tomorrow.

        1. re: KTinNYC

          I love making various pasta dishes using hot Italian sausage. I've tried Fairway, Citarella, Gourmet Garage, Faicco's Pork Store, etc. All with middling results. Then - like Wingman - I tried Whole Foods and thought it was undoubtedly the best. By the way, I'm surprised and disappointed that Faicco's outsources their sausage. I never heard of C&L, but their hot IOtalian is undistinguished. Try Whole Foods.

          1. re: Skillet Licker

            I thought Faicco's made theirs in Brooklyn ....

            1. re: Skillet Licker

              KTinNYC didn't say Faicco's outsources their sausage. She said it was an Italian restaurant that outsourced from C&L. I really like the dried sausages at Faicco's.

              1. re: Lucia

                Right, I have no idea where Faicco's gets their sausage. What I said is that C&L provides sausage to a very well regarded in Manhattan.

                  1. re: Skillet Licker

                    We just didn't want you "dissing" Faicco's!

          2. re: Lucia

            Cheese and parsely sausage at Faiccos. Simply unbelievable...

          3. Every year my childhood friends get together for a bbq. If I didn't bring the Faicco's sausage I wouldn't be invited back.

            1. WOW - I did a google search on Fiaccos only to find them on Bleeker Street! Perfect. That works for me. Not only that but have you seen the photo? A masterpiece. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. The ratings are pretty awesome also so it's definitely worth a shot.


              As for Whole Food, I wonder if now that they've acquired Wild Oats (in our area) if the sausage will be the same - probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

              Don't stop the suggestions, though, I appreciate the input. Thanks.

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              1. re: KathyP

                You should get a variety of sweet and hot, fennel and cheese/parsley and throw in some pork braciole while you're at it.

              2. I am not clear on whether you are looking for fresh or dried. If you are looking for fresh, I wholeheartedly second (or is it third?) the parsley/cheese coil of thin sausage at Faicco's.