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Feb 4, 2008 07:34 AM

Lake Placid - Good food (children)


My family (2 daughters age 5 and 9) will be spending a week in Lake Placid at the end of the month. We love all types of food and are hoping to find some great places to eat. Does anyone have some recommendations for restaurants that have good food and don't mind children?



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  1. Caribbean Cowboy... South west fusion food including enough to keep the kids happy. Also great Margaritas

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    1. re: jaylhorner

      Jaylhorner is right:Caribbean Cowby is real good .
      Also try Adirondack Steak and Seafood next to the theatre on Main Street.
      They like kids also.
      Have fun Ted!

      1. re: catnip

        Thanks so much for the suggestions. Any recommendation for Pizza or Chinese?


        1. re: Tedshell

          Our favorite pizza place is Little Italy Restaurant in Saranac Lake.
          Downtown location,lots of parking,and excellent pizza and a great place to take kids.
          We haven't tried Morgan's 11 or Corvos since we're so happy with Little Italy.
          As for Chinese we haven't found anything we like that is special in the area.
          There is a chinese place(with no atmosphere at all)in downtown Lake Placid but the food is just like any take-out in your own town.

    2. Head to Morgan's 11 in Saranac Lake. It's a family-owned wood-fire pizza place that I'm sure would welcome your family. The food is good and they also serve adult beverages -- so it's the best of both worlds. Plus, they have an open pizza kitchen -- great entertainment for the kids.

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      1. Hopefully the Howard Johnson restaurant is still there - they have special fish fry and buffet nights, with lots of kid friendly food.
        The Downtown Diner is just that, good food served up fast. Mr. Mike's on Main St. is a good pizza place. I think they deliver.
        I believe there is only one Chinese resto in LP - never ate there, though.
        The Mexican resto in the Price Chopper plaza is very relaxed, too. (I'm having a senior moment, can't think of the name!)
        We usually go to LP every winter, but can't make it this year. I'm jealous, enjoy!!

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          HoJo's is still there...one of only 3 I believe left in the country.

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            Shoot . . . wish I had known there was a HoJo restaurant nearby when visiting Lake Placid last Feb.

            DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT go near the Mexican place in the Price Chopper plaza.

            If I had listened to my granddaughter's request for McD, we would of all made out alot better. Overpriced and extraordinarily tasteless food.

            Seriously, DO NOT even consider it.

            1. re: rwilenker

              Total agreement about the Mexican nightmare spot - avoid it!

              Totally love the Caribbean Cowboy and really wish the Custard and Mustard stand was still there.

              The Keene diner has some of the best pies - ever!

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                The mexican nighmare spot is the worst!!!!!
                McD's is a lot better----
                We had Chinese on Main Street a few weeks ago right across from the Hilton.
                So-so Chinese,not bad yet not outstanding in any way.
                You are right: HoJo is a good family place and their buffet has something for the folks and the kids.
                There is another Chinese restaurant across from the skating oval.
                We've eaten there also and again,nothing outstanding
                Caribbean Cowboy is really different with really good food.
                Keene Diner is good but it's about 20 miles away.
                \Mr. Mike's pizza is good and they do deliver.
                We still like Little Italy in Saranc Lake for Italian.
                Corvo's,in Saranac Lake, is closed;seized by New Uork State Taxation Dept. for non-payment of taxes.
                We tried to get some of their home-made cannoli's(the best in the area )and the place was locked tight.
                Try the Cottage for lunches(across from the Mirror Lake Inn),more of an adult crowd for dinner and cocktails later.
                We like Adirondack Steak and Seafood(next to the theatre on Main Street) for family dining.
                A good family place in the dining room with really good food and some awesome specials and also a micro-brew for beer lovers.
                Probably the friendliest wait staff in town also.
                Good eating!!!

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                However the Italian restaurant in that plaza is really good. I just can't remember the name of it though. Not a kid friendly place. However, packed with adults in the middle of the week at the end of October.

            2. The eat and meet grill in Saranac has some very well done comfort dishes and also has a small minigolf course and soft serve ice cream machine. It doesn't get much more family friendly then minigolf after dinner!