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Feb 4, 2008 07:32 AM

Valentine's Day in Winnipeg

Where is everyone going?

I'm still trying to decide between Chez Sophie (haven't been there yet) Mirlycourtois (so good) and Rae & Jerry's (old, swanky and close to home).

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  1. I'd go for Chez Sophie, though I haven't been there, either. It's on my "to do" list for this summer when I'm home.

    Am I (and my mother, and everyone in her lunch group) the only person who has had crappy food at Mirlycourtois? I've only had lunch there, but it was really bad.

    If I were home I'd consider Mise, too. It's also on my "to do" list (and has been for the last few years, but I never seem to make it there).

    1. I've been to Mirlycourtois three times and I've had wonderful service and great food each time, even on a Friday lunch. I think the space is beautiful, the waitstaff take care of you but aren't overbearing, and the overall food has been excellent, except perhaps for a shrimp main I had the last time that was just o.k. The desserts have consistently wowed me.

      Mise is on my list, but I haven't been yet (my husband isn't quite the foodie I am), and I'd really like to try the weekend late night dining, which is pretty novel for the Peg.