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Feb 4, 2008 07:26 AM

Good food options near Sarasota airport

Any ideas for kid friendly, reasonably quick food near Sarasota/Bradenton airport? We'll be driving from the airport to Bonita Springs but will need to eat lunch fairly soon after landing so closer to the airport, the better. Did search the board but couldn't find airport-specific info as far as I could tell. Many thanks!

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  1. rpd
    t may not be as close as you need, but the food is very fresh, the prices are very family friendly and it's a very casual place to eat. Kids always do well there.
    Here's their site. You can take a look at the map and the menu.
    Hope it helps :-}

    1. My folks live 5 minutes from the airport. University Pkwy is the road that you take to get from the Airport to I-75, it's a "main drag" with plenty of dining options, most being the chains.

      My folks like Mi Pueblo for Mexican, which is right off of University by the CVS prior to the Publix shopping center. Mi Pueblo is a chain, but good food, chips and salsa, guac, etc. Kid friendly.

      8405 Tuttle Ave, Sarasota - (941) 359-9303

      There is also a Panera Bread in that (Publix) shopping center, if you just want to grab something quick...but not a burger.(Salads, soups, sandwiches


      The big Publix (Grocery store) has a Carabba's Cafe in it, a new concept, which is nice for a quick in and out while also picking up some provisions.

      Further down University on the way to I-75 there is an Applebee's, Carabba's, Johnny Carino's and various fast food places. Plenty of kid-friendly options.

      Have fun!

      1. I will second "Mi Pueblo," an excellent Mexican restaurant on the north side of University Parkway. It is detached from, but in the same shopping center as the Publix grocery store is. If you are facing Publix, it is on the extreme left (i.e., west) side of the plaza, set back a few hundred feet from the building containing the Publix and other stores. The noise level at lunch is high enough to cover typically exuberant kids and the service is friendly. Try the enchiladas suizas. Yum!

        I would also recommend Filippo's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant in a shopping center called "The Parkway Collection." As you drive East from the airport, toward I-75, you will see it next to the Outback Steakhouse at the intersection of University Parkway and Lockwood Ridge Road. There are four shopping plazas at that intersection. It is in the one on the southeast corner. They have excellent lasagne and good pasta. If your kids like pizza, they'll love the place, but the menu is very extensive and not limited to pizza.

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          Thanks everyone, these are great suggestions and I'm always glad to get something validated by a couple of posters so it's looking like Mi Pueblo! Thanks again.