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Feb 4, 2008 07:15 AM

Places to eat/drink in Battery Park?

Hi! My husband and I are going to be staying in Battery Park for a long weekend in a couple weeks with another couple. I am not familiar with that part of Manhattan and need some suggestions for casual, affordable, good places to eat (good places to get a burger and local microbrew, brunch spots in particular). We usually stay in East Village or Lower East Side, so we're used to places that are reasonable, somewhat edgy and diverse. We will probably head up there as well, but want some suggestions closer to "home" as well. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Try Stone Street. There are several spots along a two-block strip, everything from a patisserie (Financier), to a pizza place (Adrienne's), to a pub (Stone Street Tavern). You can get brunch at several restaurants there, too. Otherwise, you're probably best off heading a few blocks uptown to Tribeca. The Battery Park City/Financial District area can be pretty dead on weekends.

    1. On Sunday, Ulysses's on Stone Street has a brunch buffet of $20 (not sure if this price is still current) with AYCE oysters, carving station, omelettes, etc. Not exactly a culinary experience but a good decent place for a satisfying brunch. On weekdays they serve a lot of Irish / American pub fares and beers that you satisfy your need!

      Other places suggested by iraform are also great choices, such as Financier for their pastries and cake and coffee, and Adrienne's for their square pizza. Smorges Chef, also on Stone Street, is a great place to try Scandinavian food without paying the Aquavit price (of course it isn't as good, but IMO it is quite good, albeit my lack of knowledge in Scandinavian food). The service there is a bit dreadful though.

      Mark Joseph at the seaport is a great steakhouse if you happen to crave for steak.

      P J Clark's at World Financial Center is good for burgers, American bar food, and crab cakes.

      Les Halles on John Street has good bistro fares, like steak frites and mussels. However, their food is inconsistent so my definition of "good" only applies when you hit them on a good date. Service is pretty much bad any day.

      If you do want more recommendations in Tribeca (which is starting to be a bit far from Battery City) then I can post some more suggestions.

      1. If you head over to the South Street Seaport area (just Northeast of Stone Street which has already been mentioned) there are a few places (kobe mentioned the upscale Mark Joseph for steak). You might want to do a search of this Board there are alot of threads. Take the FREE NN bus (does a downtown loop) if you are not walkers.

        Meade's (Peck Slip and Water) is very casual, has views of Brooklyn Bridge and brunch. Their food is okay. Same owners as Jeremy's.

        I have not been to Nelson Blue (corner Front and Water) yet.

        Fresh Salt (on Beekman btw Front and South) is a local favorite but not much food.

        The Paris (South and Peck Slip) is a local favorite, food is okay. They are in a historic building with a U bar, views of bridge and have a brunch deal.

        I heard Ryan McGuire's on Cliff Street, off Fulton might be open on the weekends now. It's an affordable, local Irish pub with good food (better than The Paris) where locals go.

        We usually head to the EV, LES or walk over to TriBeCa (more expensive, better food). By the way, Financier (already mentioned) has 3 locations: Stone Street, near the Federal Reserve and in the WFC.

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          going to winter garden at fin. center tomorrow just to hang out. we're bringing our 2 teen daughters and want the cheapest lunch that there is in that location. our only criteria is... no fast food chains.thanks in advance for any quick responses

        2. Harry's is fun, I love the bar and the steaks are pretty good. Delmonico's is beautiful as is Bayard's (I haven't been to the latter in years though).

          1. thanks- we didn't go today due to the weather. we'll keep all recs. on file for when we make it there. thanks !!!