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Feb 4, 2008 07:00 AM

Stockyards in Phoenix

Hi all, I will be dining at the Stockyards in April for a wedding and I have to pick my dinner now. What should I get??

salad: house or caesar
entree: prime rib, filet mignon, chicken, salmon, filet & fried shrimp, filet & salmon, or fillet & chicken (I'm leaning towards the filet & salmon)
Dessert: brownie & ice cream, 'seasonal' cobbler & vanilla ice cream, sour cream cheesecake & cherry sauce.

How am I supposed to pick a cobbler w/out knowing what kind it is? If it was apple, then I'd definitely take it. Peach? probably. cherry? doubtful but possible.

I hate decisions like this.

Any help anyone? Anything that I should NOT get?



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  1. I've never had anything bad at the Stockyards, but I should mention that when I've had the salmon there, I'm pretty sure it has been farmed Atlantic salmon. It was good quality and well-prepared, but lacked the distintive flavor of wild salmon. If the purpose of including salmon is to offer an alternative for those who don't want red meat, then it's a perfectly good choice. On the other hand, if your guests are expecting strong salmon flavor, they may be somewhat disappointed.