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Feb 4, 2008 06:12 AM

What happened to RarelyLegal Grille in Bethesda?

Does anyone know what is going on with Rarely Legal Grille in Bethesda? We had dinner reservations for 7pm on Saturday night (Feb 2). We had car trouble and missed our reservation. By the time we called at 7:30pm to see if we could still be seated, we were told they were filled to capacity. But later that night, we passed by at 8:45pm and the restaurant was dark and empty. A sign on the door said, they were closed for a few days to fix some problems. Looking back, when we called at 7:30pm and were told they were at capacity, we didn't hear any background noise. What's going on over there?

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  1. whats going on is you are probably the first person to make a reservation there. I live right across the street and have NEVER seen it filled to capacity, i have never seen more than 5 tables filled for that matter. you probably got lucky you had car trouble.

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      well i'm glad to hear we didn't miss much. thanks

    2. It appears to be another jinxed location like its neighbor Yin Yankee.

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        i dont think its a bad locataion, i they were 2 bad restuarants!

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          Actually, Sol y Mar was quite good. And for the first couple of years, before the Redskins QB bought it, the Caribbean restaurant was much more than good. The chicken mojo was the best I'd ever had, and I always had wonderful meals there. Once the football guy took over, it went downhill. Menu became schizophrenic and although they had the same chef, it was just never the same. I think he was more interested in the sports bar/party bar upstairs than he was in the restaurant itself. A real shame. We really liked that place.